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Poster Session: Lightning Talk and Poster Session
Mon, p.m., Poster Room

Hybrid Aerial Vehicle for Exploration of Venus Atmosphere, J. Rosales, A. Miller, E. Nunez, A. Gross, N. Chanover [Abstract 8002], Poster Location: 2

Surface Properties of Maxwell Montes Using New Arecibo Dual-Polarization Radar Data, S. Bhattacharyya, S. S. Bhiravarasu, G. Thangjam, A. K. Virkki, E. G. Rivera-Valentín [Abstract 8014], Poster Location: 8

Test Flights and Altitude Control Demonstration of a Prototype Venus Aerobot, J. S. Izraelevitz, M. Pauken, S. Krishnamoorthy, A. Goel, C. Aiazzi, G. Walsh, L. Dorsky, K. Baines, P. K. Byrne, J. Cutts, C. Turner, C. Quintana, K. Carlson, T. Lachenmeier, J. L. Hall [Abstract 8017], Poster Location: 9

Unit Resolution Mass Spectrometry of the Atmosphere of Venus, M. J. Radke, S. M. Horst [Abstract 8024], Poster Location: 11

Utilisation of VIRTIS Data for Detection of Potential Venusian Active Volcanism and Noise-Removal Algorithms for VIRTIS Using Machine Learning, A. Srivastava, A. P. Singh [Abstract 8028], Poster Location: 14

Regional-Scale Lithospheric Recycling on Venus via Peel-Back Delamination, A. C. Adams, D. R. Stegman, S. E. Smrekar, P. J. Tackley [Abstract 8012], Poster Location: 17

Exploring Variable Heat Flow Regimes for the Formation of Rosa Bonheur, A. C. Mills, P. B. James [Abstract 8035], Poster Location: 20

Detection of Active Lava Flows on Venus Using Repeated SAR and InSAR Measurements: InSAR Analysis of the 2018 Hawaii Lava Flows, M. C. Brandin, D. T. Sandwell, M. B. Russell, C. L. Johnson [Abstract 8011], Poster Location: 21

Key Unknowns for Venus Atmospheric Evolution 2: Consequences of a Venus-Like Magnetosphere for Hydrodynamic Xenon (Heavy) Ion Escape, C. M. Fowler, M. Chaffin, R. Ramstad, G. Hanley, G. Collinson, S. Curry, R. Lillis, J. Luhmann, S. W. Stone, S. Xu [Abstract 8015], Poster Location: 22

Key Unknowns for Venus Atmospheric Evolution 1: Present-Day D/H Escape Rate Uncertainties and Implications for Upcoming HDO/H2O Measurements, M. S. Chaffin, C. M. Fowler, J.-Y. Chaufray, G. Collinson, S. Curry, G. Hanley, R. Lillis, J. Luhmann, R. Ramstad, S. W. Stone, S. Xu [Abstract 8021], Poster Location: 23

Initiation, Interaction, and Suppression of Mantle Plumes on Venus-analog Planet Using StagYY Nemerical Model, M. Kerr, D. Stegman, A. Adams, S. Smerkar [Abstract 8037], Poster Location: 25

Effects of Density, Root Thickness, and Terrain Elevation on Isostatic Compensation of Tesserae, A. R. Baker, J. Semprich, S. P. Schwenzer, R. C. Greenwood, J. Filiberto [Abstract 8006], Poster Location: 27

Leviathan: A Starship-Based Venus Explorer for Low-Altitude and Surface Explorations, J. T. Vistica [Abstract 8004], Poster Location: 29

A Compact Infrasound Array for Deployment in Venus's Atmosphere, E. F. Young, V. Klein [Abstract 8031], Poster Location: 31

Multiple Tectonic and Volcanic Events: Gina Crater Area, Venus, E. K. Roberts, A. H. Treiman, G. L. Eggers, J. Filiberto [Abstract 8032], Poster Location: 32

Raising HEL: The Newest Lab for Hot Experiments, E. Kohler, N. M. Johnson [Abstract 8036], Poster Location: 34

Mission Feasibility Study for a Venus Orbiting CubeSat, M. R. Moreno, C. Payne [Abstract 8038], Poster Location: 35

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