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This page provides a listing of presentations with e-posters, organized by session.
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Venus Atmospheres Posters
Mon, p.m., Virtual Poster Room 1

The Controversy About Possible Life in the Venusian Cloud Deck: What are the Next Steps to Gain Further Insights?, D. Schulze-Makuch [Abstract 8005], Poster Location: 2

Venus Global Ionosphere Thermosphere Model, B. M. Ponder, S. W. Bougher, A. J. Ridley, D. J. Pawlowski [Abstract 8007], Poster Location: 3

Fakos — Atents, Eyes in the Clouds of Venus, P. D. Duque Baron, J. F. Casadiego Molina, G. Londoño Villamil, M. Aldana Hernández, D. Concha Salazar [Abstract 8010], Poster Location: 4

Charged Haze Layers in Venus' Lower Atmosphere, B. McGinness, K. A. Nicoll, M. W. Airey, R. G. Harrison [Abstract 8017], Poster Location: 5

Reanalysis of the Pioneer Venus Large Probe Neutral Mass Spectrometer Data, M. J. Radke, S. M. Horst, J. Serigano IV, C. He, T. Gautier, M. G. Trainer [Abstract 8018], Poster Location: 6

Ground and Space-Based Microwave Remote Sensing of the Venus Atmosphere in Support of the Decade of Venus, A. B. Akins, T. M. Bocanegra-Bahamón, P. Vergados, C. O. Ao, S. W. Asmar, R. A. Preston [Abstract 8019], Poster Location: 7

Meteoric Ablation in Venus Atmosphere: Mass, Speed, and Temperature Variation, S. Nambiar, J. P. Pabari [Abstract 8020], Poster Location: 8

Contributions of Volatiles to the Venus Atmosphere from the Observed Extrusive Volcanic Record: Implications for the History of the Venus Atmosphere, J. W. Head, L. Wilson, M. A. Ivanov, R. Wordsworth [Abstract 8023], Poster Location: 9

Atmospheric Evolution and Past Habitability of Venus: Understanding the Roles of Ion Escape Processes, C. M. Fowler, R. A. Frahm, S. Xu, M. Chaffin [Abstract 8027], Poster Location: 10

Venus Global Reference Atmospheric Model (Venus-GRAM) Upgrades, H. L. Justh, A. M. Dwyer Cianciolo, J. T. Aguirre, A. Diekmann, J. Hoffman, R. W. Powell [Abstract 8029], Poster Location: 11

Acidithiobacillus Ferrooxidans Bacteria Strain DSM 583 as Possible Analogues of Microorganisms Potentially Living in the Lower Cloud Layer of Venus, G. P. Slowik, S. S. Limaye, A. Z. Stryjska, L. Przysiecka, P. Dabrowski [Abstract 8030], Poster Location: 12

Relevance of Rosetta Noble Gas and Isotopic Measurements to Understanding the Origin and Evolution of Venus’ Atmosphere, K. E. Mandt, A. Luspay-Kuti, O. Mousis [Abstract 8043], Poster Location: 13

Venusian Upper Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere GCMs Intercomparison Project, A. Martinez, A. S. Brecht, H. Karyu, S. Lebonnois, S. W. Bougher, T. Kuroda, Y. Kasaba, G. Gilli, T. Navarro, H. Sagawa [Abstract 8045], Poster Location: 14

VfOx: Venus Oxygen Fugacity, DAVINCI's Student Collaboration Experiment, N. R. Izenberg, S. M. Horst, D. R. B. Kraemer, S. J. Papadakis, J. B. Garvin, S. Getty, G. N. Arney, N. Johnson, E. Kohler [Abstract 8057], Poster Location: 15

Cloud Habitability from Earth to Venus: Science and Technology Considerations, D. M. Gentry, L. Iraci, A. Cassell, A. Mattioda, A. Brecht, K. Simon, P. Sobron, A. Davila [Abstract 8061], Poster Location: 16

Real Time Cloud Composition Profiles with an Optofluidic Instrument, K. Simon, E. Eshelman, P. Sobron, A. Brecht, A. Cassell, A. Davila, D. Gentry, L. Iraci, A. Mattioda [Abstract 8063], Poster Location: 17

Long Endurance PV Powered Venus Glider, M. K. Kroupa [Abstract 8065], Poster Location: 18

Sustained In Situ Exploration of Venus' Cloud Discontinuity, M. A. Bullock, J. S. Elston, M. Z. Stachura, S. Lebonnois [Abstract 8067], Poster Location: 19

Analysis of Observational Sampling and Geometry Effects on Dayside Measured Winds During Venus Express, R. M. McCabe, K. M. Sayanagi, J. J. Blalock, J. Gunnarson, J. Garland, J. M. C. McNabb, J. Peralta, C. Gray, K. McGouldrick, T. Imamura, S. Watanabe, Y. J. Lee [Abstract 8070], Poster Location: 20

Venus Potpourri Posters
Mon, p.m., Virtual Poster Room 2

Magnetic Topology at Venus: New Insights into the Venus Plasma Environment, S. Xu, R. A. Frahm, Y. J. Ma, J. G. Luhmann, D. L. Mitchell [Abstract 8009], Poster Location: 21

Electric Current Systems Induced by Solar Wind Coupling with Venus, R. Ramstad, J. Johnson [Abstract 8058], Poster Location: 22

Lightning on Venus Confirmed by Frequent Observations of Whistler-Mode Waves, R. A. Hart, C. T. Russell, T. L. Zhang [Abstract 8069], Poster Location: 23

The VNIR Emissivity Spectra of Venus Analogue Rocks for the Interpretation of "The Decade of Venus" Remote Sensing Data, A. Maturilli, G. Alemanno, J. Helbert, D. Dyar [Abstract 8022], Poster Location: 24

Experimental Investigation of Mineral Reaction Rates in Venus-Relevant Gases, A. R. Santos, M. S. Gilmore [Abstract 8044], Poster Location: 25

Can Large Scale Volcanism Explain the Heat-Death of Venus?, M. J. Way, R. E. Ernst, J. D. Scargle [Abstract 8004], Poster Location: 26

Radar Measurements of the Spin State, Moment of Inertia, and Length-of-Day Variations of Venus, J. L. Margot, D. B. Campbell, J. D. Giorgini, J. S. Jao, L. G. Snedeker, F. D. Ghigo, A. Bonsall [Abstract 8025], Poster Location: 28

Towards an Explanation for Venusian Cloud Anomalies and Implications for the Habitability of the Clouds, J. J. Petkowski, W. Bains, P. B. Rimmer, S. Seager [Abstract 8031], Poster Location: 29

Sensitivity Analysis and Testing of Electrically Short Dipole Antenna for Lightning Instrument for Venus (LIVE), S. Jitarwal, J. P. Pabari, V. R. Dinesh Kumar, S. Nambiar, S. Rashmi, T. Upadhyaya, K. Acharyya, V. Sheel [Abstract 8042], Poster Location: 30

Surprising Similarities: Comparing the Transit Spectra of Potential Earth-Like and Venus-Like Exoplanets, C. M. Ostberg, S. R. Kane, P. A. Dalba [Abstract 8053], Poster Location: 31

Venus as an Exoplanet Laboratory: Testing the Boundaries of Habitability, S. R. Kane, G. Arney, J. W. Head, R. Kopparapu, T. Lyons, C. Ostberg, E. Schwieterman, C. Unterborn, M. J. Way [Abstract 8064], Poster Location: 32

Venus Missions and Technology Posters
Tue, a.m., Virtual Poster Room 3

Engineering Concept for the Initial Stage Mission of an Astrobiological Exploration Mission Using a 6U CubeSat, S. Rincon Martínez, J. D. Acevedo Mena, A. F. Alvarado [Abstract 8013], Poster Location: 1

The Venus Climate Database, S. Lebonnois, E. Millour, A. Martinez, T. Pierron, F. Forget, A. Spiga, J.-Y. Chaufray, F. Montmessin, F. Cipriani [Abstract 8021], Poster Location: 2

Leviathan: A Starship-Based Venus Aerobot for Low-Altitude and Surface Explorations, J. T. Vistica [Abstract 8039], Poster Location: 3

A Compact Drone-Based Instrument Sonde for Venus Balloon Missions, B. H. Cameron, N. T. Kattamis, R. W. Kaszeta [Abstract 8047], Poster Location: 4

Potential Orbital Relay Capabilities for Surface and Aerial Platforms at Venus, J. A. Cutts, C. H. Lee, J. Lazio, A. Arora, L. I. Dorsky, K. H. Baines, S. J. Saikia, K. M. Cheung, S. W. Asmar, W. E. Frazier, M. S. Wallace [Abstract 8051], Poster Location: 5

LEAVES — A Platform for Widely Distributed Exploration of Venus’ Atmosphere, J. A. Balcerski, K. L. Jessup, G. W. Hunter, T. Kremic, A. J. Colozza, M. G. Zborowski [Abstract 8056], Poster Location: 7

EnVision at Venus: Europe’s Next Medium-Class Science Mission, T. Widemann, R. Ghail, C. Wilson, D. Titov [Abstract 8068], Poster Location: 8

Progress Towards Balloon-Based Seismology on Venus in 2020–2021, S. Krishnamoorthy, L. Martire, D. C. Bowman, J. Jacob, B. Elbing, E. Hough, Z. Yap, M. Lammes, H. Linzy, T. Swaim, A. Vance, P. M. Simmons, A. Komjathy, M. T. Pauken, J. A. Cutts, Q. Brissaud, J. M. Jackson, R. F. Garcia, D. Mimoun [Abstract 8012], Poster Location: 9

Impact of NASA’S Entry Systems Modeling Project on Planetary Mission Design: VEXAG, A. Brandis, M. Barnhardt, M. Hughes, T. West, M. Wright [Abstract 8015], Poster Location: 10

Hangar Flight Testing of a Subscale Venus Variable-Altitude Aerobot, J. S. Izraelevitz, M. Pauken, S. Krishnamoorthy, A. Goel, C. Aiazzi, L. Dorsky, K. Baines, J. Cutts, C. Turner, K. Carlson, T. Lachenmeier, J. L. Hall [Abstract 8034], Poster Location: 11

Robust and Mass Efficient Thermal Protection Systems for Future Venus Missions, E. Venkatapathy, M. Gasch, M. Stackpoole, M. Suman, J. Morgan [Abstract 8037], Poster Location: 12

Comprehensive Venus Surface Environment Simulation with the Glenn Extreme Environment Rig, J. A. Balcerski, S. T. Port, T. Kremic, G. W. Hunter, L. M. Nakley, K. G. Phillips [Abstract 8054], Poster Location: 14

Hot Environments Lab: A New Lab for Venus Experimental Investigations, E. Kohler, N. M. Johnson [Abstract 8062], Poster Location: 16

Development Status of NASA's Long-Lived In-Site Solar System Explorer (LLISSE), T. Kremic, G. W. Hunter, C. M. Tolbert [Abstract 8006], Poster Location: 18

Venus Surface Geology and Interior Posters
Tue, a.m., Virtual Poster Room 4

Investigating the Formation of Lava Channels on Venus with New Models and New Topography, M. E. Borrelli, J. G. O'Rourke, D. A. Williams [Abstract 8014], Poster Location: 19

A Newly Recognized Type of Magellan SAR Artefacts, G. M. Wolff, A. H. Treiman, H. Dalton, S. Milazzo [Abstract 8024], Poster Location: 20

Volcanoes of the Lachesis Tessera Quadrangle (V-18), Venus, D. L. Buczkowski, L. A. Fattaruso, E. M. McGowan, G. E. McGill [Abstract 8026], Poster Location: 21

Progress in the Development of CheMin-V, a Definitive Mineralogy Instrument for Landed Science on Venus, D. F. Blake, P. Sarrazin, T. F. Bristow, A. H. Treiman, K. Zacny, S. Morrison [Abstract 8032], Poster Location: 22

Assessing a Large Igneous Province (LIP) Context for Volcanism and Tectonics on Venus, R. E. Ernst, K. L. Buchan, H. El Bilali, J. W. Head [Abstract 8035], Poster Location: 23

Radar Backscatter Models of Possible Pyroclastic Deposits on Venus, I. Ganesh, L. M. Carter, T. N. Henz [Abstract 8038], Poster Location: 24

Preliminary Geologic Mapping of Imdr Regio, Venus, I. López, L. Martín, A. Jiménez-Díaz, P. D'Incecco, G. Komatsu, J. Filiberto [Abstract 8041], Poster Location: 25

Snowline Elevations and Discordance of Elevation and Reflectance on Venus's Maxwell Montes, A. Strezoski, A. H. Treiman [Abstract 8048], Poster Location: 26

Crater Ejecta and the Search for Felsic Material in Maxwell Montes, Venus, B. A. Campbell, J. L. Whitten [Abstract 8049], Poster Location: 27

Venusian Plains: Similarities with Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalts, T. K. P. Gregg [Abstract 8066], Poster Location: 29

What is the Noble Gas Composition and Inventory in Venus Interior?, S. Jaiswal, R. R. Mahajan, M. Ngangom [Abstract 8011], Poster Location: 30

Plutonic-Squishy Lid: A New Global Tectonic Regime Generated by Intrusive Magmatism on Earth-Like Planets, D. L. Lourenço, A. B. Rozel, M. D. Ballmer, P. J. Tackley [Abstract 8016], Poster Location: 31

Venusian Impact: Starting a Mobile Lid, G. T. Euen, S. D. King [Abstract 8028], Poster Location: 32

Modeling Rollback Subduction Dynamics on Venus, A. C. Adams, D. R. Stegman, S. E. Smrekar [Abstract 8033], Poster Location: 33

Lithospheric Structure of Venusian Crustal Plateaus, J. S. Maia, M. A. Wieczorek [Abstract 8040], Poster Location: 34

The Evolution of Surprisingly Stationary Plumes Within Venus, S. D. King, G. T. Euen [Abstract 8050], Poster Location: 35

Modeling Subducted Lithosphere Fragments Interacting with Mantle Plumes on Venus, M. C. Kerr, D. R. Stegman [Abstract 8052], Poster Location: 36

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