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Session 2: Mission Proposals and Concepts, Technology Updates and Current Studies and Poster Lightning Talks
Mon, p.m., Virtual Meeting Room

Bioinspired Walking, Rolling, and Jumping Robot for Venus Exploration, A. D. Western, M. Hassanalian [Abstract 8009]

Microrobots Inspired by Oceanic and Bacteria Organisms for Observations of Venus’ Upper Atmosphere, M. R. Sherman, M. Hassanalian [Abstract 8014]

Ballistic Aerocapture at Venus: A Case Study for an Atmospheric Sampling Probe, O. Santana Gonzalez, Y. Lu [Abstract 8039]

Mass Spectrometric Study of Planetary Atmospheres in Future Missions: A Case Study, Venus Neutral and Ion Mass Analyzer (VENIMA), R. R. Mahajan, S. K. Goyal, N. Upadhyay, A. Auknoor, P. Sharma, J. Kaur, Varun. Sheel, A. Bhardwaj, J. Rami [Abstract 8026]

Strategies for Safely Landing on Venus Tesserae, J. J. Knicely, R. J. Lynch, P. A. Mason, N. Ahmad, L. H. Matthies, C. J. Gramling, C. I. Restrepo, M. S. Gilmore, R. R. Herrick [Abstract 8016]

Calypso Venus Scout, P. A. Horzempa [Abstract 8045]

Development and Initial Testing of a Venus-Analog Seismic Events Catalog, R. R. Herrick, Y. Tian, M. E. West, T. Kremic [Abstract 8051]

Manta Ray Inspired Drone for Venus Exploration: Biological-Solution for Extreme Conditions, M. E. Gammill, M. Hassanalian [Abstract 8021]

In-Situ Mineralogical Analysis of the Venus Surface Using X-Ray Diffraction, D. F. Blake, P. Sarrazin, T. S. Bristow, A. H. Treiman, K. Zacny, S. Morrison, A. Yen [Abstract 8006]

Understanding the Supercritical State on Venus and DAVINCI+ Opportunity, A. Bhattacharya, N. R. Izenberg, P. R. Mahaffy [Abstract 8003]

Cytherean Sep Mission: Venus Exploration, A. F. Alvarado Mejia, J. D. Acevedo Mena, M. Aldana Hernandez, S. Rincón Martinez, J. F. Casadiego Molina, P. A. Duque Baron [Abstract 8041]

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