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Final Announcement

Meeting Location and Date

The Venus Modeling Workshop will be held May 9–11, 2017, at the Ohio Aerospace Institute, adjoining NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

This meeting has been assigned NCTS# 28809-17 in the NASA Conference Tracking System.

Purpose and Scope

The objectives of this three-day workshop are to discuss (1) the status of modeling of Venus’ exosphere, atmosphere, surface, and interior; and (2) the factors that are currently limiting the ability of investigators to advance models and how modeling efforts can benefit from and guide experimental studies and future mission activities. Workshop topics and discussion will be guided by the VEXAG Goals and Objectives, Pathways, and Technology Plan documents. A portion of the workshop will focus on providing modeling need inputs for the potential Venera-D international mission. Venus science, mission, and technology communities are invited but participation is especially encouraged for researchers who employ numerical, computational, or analytical methods to study Venus or comparative bodies, and combinations of empirical and modeling approaches.

Workshop Structure and Organization

The workshop is intended to be highly interactive and will consist of a combination of cross-disciplinary plenary sessions and discipline-specific topical breakout sessions. Invited talks will be solicited for the purpose of providing a focus for community discussion. The plenary briefings will provide short overviews and summary information and will lay a foundation for attendees to then contribute to the breakout sections. Example plenary topics envisioned include summaries of recent modeling efforts, the state of understanding regarding Venus’ evolution, and how efforts to model the dynamics of Venus may provide further knowledge to Earth, Mars, or other terrestrial bodies. A significant portion of the time will be allocated to four parallel breakouts sessions focused on Venus’ exosphere and orbital environment, atmosphere, surface, and interior.

The scientific content will be developed by the program committee with the support of the Venus Exploration and Analysis Group (VEXAG). Workshop presentations and documents will be archived on the VEXAG website to enable open and future access.

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