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Astrobiology Special Issue Opportunity

The journal Astrobiology has expressed interest in publishing a special collection of impactful papers presented at the Cloud Layer Habitability portion of the Moscow workshop in October 2019. The guest editors for this special collection are Adriana Ocampo, Sanjay Limaye, Rakesh Mogul, and Oleg Kostyrbenko.

The types of papers considered for this special collection include research articles, hypothesis papers, and review articles. Manuscripts that advance the field and overall understanding of the potential habitability of Venus’ planetary cloud layers (e.g., by discussing viable strategies, outstanding challenges, and future directions for exploring possible biosignatures in such a habitat) are welcomed.

The Astrobiology editor has also suggested that participants of the workshop consider co-authoring a few papers similar in format to the recent, highly cited papers published in Astrobiology from the 2016 Exoplanet Biosignatures Workshop Without Walls (https://www.liebertpub.com/toc/ast/18/6). If you are interested in contributing a paper of your own or collaborating on a review article about a key topic presented at the workshop, please discuss this opportunity with others presenting at the workshop and with the guest editors of the special collection.

Thanks for your participation in advancing our field in this way. The papers will undergo the regular peer-review process of Astrobiology and manuscripts should follow the journal guidelines posted at:  https://home.liebertpub.com/publications/astrobiology/99/for-authors. The nominal deadline for submission is January 15, 2020. For planning purposes, contact Sanjay Limare (sanjay.limaye@ssec.wisc.edu) of your intent to submit an article for the special collection.

For questions, contact Sanjay Limaye (sanjay.limaye@ssec.wisc.edu).

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