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As a service to the Venus community and to help with the refinement of the Venera-D mission, the Space Research Institute (IKI) and the Vernadsky Institute (GEOKHI) of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Joint Roscosmos-NASA Venera-D Joint Science Definition Team are hosting The Venera-D Landing Sites and Cloud Habitability Workshop on October 2–5, 2019.

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this workshop is to gather community input on the criteria for scientifically desirable landing sites at Venus for the Venera-D lander and the best measurements and measurement methods that can advance our understanding of Venus’ habitability present and past.

We welcome all abstracts with a focus on any one of these four topics:  1) landing sites target criteria and priorities, 2) habitability and bio species survival (current research and theory), 3) surface/atmosphere/bio species instrumentation and sampling systems, and 4) laboratory studies.

Notifications of interest must be sent by June 21, 2019 to allow sufficient time for visa processing.


The Venera-D mission concept has been under development for four years, with the goal of advancing the investigation of Venus’ atmosphere, surface, and interior and the processes that link them as a system. The baseline Venera-D mission includes an orbiter, a VEGA-like lander, and one long life surface station (LLISSE); potential mission augmentations may include more LLISSEs, two small seismic stations, a variable altitude aerial platform, or perhaps one or two sub-orbiters. (Please see the Phase II report: http://www.iki.rssi.ru/events/2019/Venera-DPhaseIIFinalReport.pdf).

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