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Poster Session: Analogs for Cold- and Wet-Based Processes
Wed, a.m.

Characterizing Martian X-Ray Amorphous Materials Through Terrestrial Analogs, E. B. Rampe, M. T. Thorpe, R. J. Smith, B. N. H. Horgan, A. M. Rutledge, R. Christoffersen, R. C. Ewing [Abstract 8105]

Investigation of Transient Volatile Migration in Lunar Regolith for the Lunar Volatile Scout, A. Smolka, C. Gscheidle, J. Biswas [Abstract 8037]

Mapping the Extent and Timing of Water Track Formation with High Temporal Resolution Satellite Imagery of the McMurdo Dry Valleys in Antarctica: Can Subsurface Melt Conditions be Deduced from Orbital Imagery of RSL-Analogs?, L. C. Kuentz, J. S. Levy, M. R. Salvatore [Abstract 8070]

Blood Falls, Antarctica: A Mineralogical and Microbiological Analogue Site for Planetary Exploration and Technique Development, E. C. Sklute, J. A. Mikucki, A. Jarratt, M. D. Dyar, P. A. Lee [Abstract 8050]

Test Flights and Fieldwork in Antarctica, 1992–1994: The Antarctic Space Analog Program, J. D. Rummel [Abstract 8117]

Poster Session: Sedimentary Processes Environments
Wed, a.m.

Mafic Aeolian Systems on Earth as Analogues for Mars, E. M. Lund, R. C. Ewing [Abstract 8106]

Grain Size and Shape Analysis of Basaltic Aeolian and Fluvial Sediment in a Volcanic Catchment: Ϸórisjökull Glacier, Iceland, K. G. Mason, R. C. Ewing, M. Nachon, E. B. Rampe, B. Horgan, M. G. A. Lapotre, C. C. Bedford, P. Sinha, E. Champion, P. Gray [Abstract 8118]

Microbial Biosignature Investigation in Aeolian Environment Using Micro-XRF(X-Ray Fluorescence) Analyses, M. Nachon, M. M. Tice, R. C. Ewing, B. Williford [Abstract 8085]

Ripple Migration at Grand Falls Dune Field, Northern AZ, A. L. Gullikson, T. N. Titus, K. E. Williams, G. Cushing [Abstract 8065]

Diurnal Fluxes of Water Vapor in a Sand Sheet, K. E. Williams, T. N. Titus [Abstract 8005]

Saltation Threshold and Impact Ripple Dynamics Down to Martian Pressure and Below, B. Andreotti, P. Claudin, J. J. Iversen, J. P. Merrison, K. R. Rasmussen [Abstract 8030]

Weathering and Sedimentation in Basaltic Terrains on Earth; Implications for the Paleoclimate of Gale Crater, Mars, M. T. Thorpe, J. A. Hurowitz, K. L. Siebach [Abstract 8064]

Characterizing Mars Analog Basalt-Brine Interactions with Raman Spectroscopy, A. J. Rodriguez, M. E. Elwood Madden [Abstract 8075]

Poster Session: Volcanic Processes and Environments
Wed, a.m.

Cave Ice: A Tale of Two Analog Caves, T. N. Titus, K. E. Williams, A. L. Gullikson [Abstract 8006]

CHILL-ICE Field Campaign: Utilizing Icelandic Lava Tubes as a Lunar Analogue Terrain, M. V. Heemskerk, C. R. Pouwels, K. Kerber, E. M. Konijnenberg, A. Stettler, E. L. Downes, R. S. Heemskerk, J. Ageli [Abstract 8127]

Morphometric analysis of Alaldari Valley Western Deccan Traps: Implications for the Martian Analogue Studies, A. A. Chavan, V. K. Bhore, S. L. Bhandari [Abstract 8056]

Cerro Gordo, an Analog of a Martian Composite Volcano, O. G. Monasterio, J. S. Oliveira, S. F. Romero, J. L. García Bueno, M. Diaz Michelena [Abstract 8031]

The Good, the Bad, and the UAV: Identification and Quantification of Digital Elevation Models Variances Created by Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle Photogrammetry, J. A. Nolan, C. Kennedy-Mazanec, A. H. Graettinger [Abstract 8107]

VNIR Brightness as an Indicator of Glass Content in Lava: Calibration of VNIR Reflectance for Crystallinity of Basaltic Lava Flow Surfaces, E. L. Rader, S. Ackiss, A. Sehlke, J. L. Bishop, B. Orrill, K. Odegaard, M. Meier [Abstract 8112]

Sulfate-Opal-Phyllosilicate Assemblages at Kilauea Caldera as an Analog for Surface Alteration on Mars, J. L. Bishop, P. Schiffman, L. Gruendler, M. D. Dyar, M. D. Lane, R. J. Southard [Abstract 8055]

Hydrous Alteration of Lava Flows on Mauna Loa (Hawaii) Compared to Martian Volcanic Soils, A. M. P. Weert, B. H. Foing, S. J. Mulder [Abstract 8058]

Spectral Analysis of Orthopyroxene-Bearing Granite, Charnockite A Terrestrial Analogue, A. Ahmad, A. M. Nair [Abstract 8063]

Poster Session: Astrobiological Investigations
Thu, p.m.

Investigating Transitional Subsurface Habitable Zones in Martian Paleolake Analog Environments, K. L. Lynch [Abstract 8101]

Metagenomic Analysis of the Anoxic Basin of Lake Untersee as an Enceladus Analog, N. Y. Wagner, A. S. Hahn, D. T. Andersen, M. C. Vanderwilt, S. S. Johnson [Abstract 8003]

Worswick Hot Springs: A Radioactive Hydrothermal Field Site, J. Rask, K. Bywaters, T. Magnuson [Abstract 8114]

Putative Microbial Biosignatures in a Mars-Analogue Hydrovolcanic Environment — Fort Rock Volcanic Field, Oregon, C. H. Ryan, M. E. Schmidt, R. L. Flemming [Abstract 8026]

Poster Session: Exploration Strategies
Thu, p.m.

Using Earth-Based Operational Field Tests as High-Fidelity Analogs for Planetary Surface Exploration, B. A. Janoiko, M. L. Gernhardt, K. H. Beaton, S. P. Chappell, O. S. Bekdash, A. F. J. Abercromby, M. L. Reagan, D. S. S. Lim [Abstract 8100]

Development of Lunar Surface Analog Environment Testing Capabilities at the NASA Johnson Space Center, O. B. Bekdash, L. D. Welsh, B. H. Scheib, S. J. Wray, T. G. Graff, K. E. Young, A. J. Naids, H. R. Bergman, P. S. Valle, K. J. Kim, J. T. Dunn, A. F. J. Abercromby [Abstract 8022]

Testing an Integrated Concept of Operations in Analog Surfaces for Lunar Exploration, E. Beltran, J. Brisset, A. Royce, E. Hill, C. Proppe, P. Rivera [Abstract 8049]

Terrestrial Analogs as a Means to Advance Robotic Drilling Systems for Use on Other Planetary Surfaces, K. F. Bywaters, K. Zacny, D. Bergman [Abstract 8053]

Overview of logistics and operations for SAND-E: Semi-Autonomous Navigation for Detrital Environment, R. C. Ewing, E. B. Rampe, B. Horgan, M. G. A. Lapotre, M. Nachon, M. T. Thorpe, C. C. Bedford, P. Sinha, K. G. Mason, E. Champion, P. Gray, A. Soto, M. Reid, M. Battler, E. Reid [Abstract 8119]

Considerations for a Rapid Response Team for Planetary Analog Events, L. P. Keszthelyi, M. E. Rumpf, T. N. Titus, C. M. Dundas, G. R. Vaughan [Abstract 8040]

NASA Glenn Research Center mTRAX Planetary Exploration Laboratories Capabilities Overview, E. T. Rezich, A. Schepelmann [Abstract 8024]

Spectroscopic Characterization of Different Environments in a Volcano-Glacial Region of Iceland: Implications for In Situ Planetary Exploration, D. M. Bower, C. S. C. Yang, T. Hewagama, C. A. Nixon, S. Aslam, P. L. Whelley, J. L. Eigenbrode, F. Jin, J. Ruliffson, J. R. Kolasinski, A. C. Samuels [Abstract 8084]

Poster Session: Field Training and Community Resources
Thu, p.m.

The Electronic FieldBook: A Field Science Support System for Astronaut Training and Planetary Exploration, L. T. Turchi, S. P. Payler, F. S. Sauro, R. P. Pozzobon, M. M. Massironi, L. B. Bessone [Abstract 8017]

SP Mountain Field Guide, Northern Arizona, A. L. Gullikson, M. E. Rumpf, L. A. Edgar, L. P. Keszthelyi, J. A. Skinner Jr., L. Thompson [Abstract 8067]

Lanzarote (Canary Islands) as an Analog for a Virtual Rover Mission, H. Downes, C. L. Bays, J. C. Thompson [Abstract 8010]

The USGS Astrogeology Terrestrial Analog Sample Collection, T. A. Gaither, A. L. Gullikson, J. J. Hagerty [Abstract 8069]

Recognising Planetary Rocks and Minerals by Combining a Custom Mineralogical Database with Deep Learning Based Multi-Spectral Unmixing, I. Drozdovskiy, F. Sauro, S. J. Payler, S. Hill, P. Jahoda, K. Jaruskova, F. Venegas, A. Angellotti, M. Franke, P. Lennert, G. Ligeza, P. Vodnik, L. Turchi, L. Bessone [Abstract 8018]

On-Demand Analogue Missions for Distributed Teams with Web-Based Mission Operations Software, M. M. Battler, K. V. Raimalwala, M. Faragalli, E. Smal, M. Cole, M. Cross, J. E. Reid [Abstract 8116]

Poster Session: Impact Processes and Environments
Thu, p.m.

Haughton Crater as an Analog for Planetary-Drilling Prototypes, B. Glass, S. J. Seitz [Abstract 8046]

The Ries Impact Structure as an Analogue for Jezero Crater's Marginal Carbonates, M. J. O. Svensson, G. R. Osinski, T. A. Goudge, F. J. Longstaffe [Abstract 8103]

Terrestrial Pyroclastic Deposits as Analogs for Martian Impactoclastic Deposits, D. M. Burt [Abstract 8099]

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