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Tenth International Conference on Mars

Conference Format

The first three days of the conference (Monday–Wednesday) will be structured in a similar format. Monday morning will start with an introduction, followed by the first plenary talk of the conference. Tuesday and Wednesday begin with a recap of the highlights of the prior day’s oral and poster presentation. A brief period following the plenary session will allow students and early-career attendees to highlight their posters briefly. Afterward, attendees are invited to enjoy the morning poster session while it remains relatively cool. Following lunch, attendees are encouraged to participate in their choice of oral sessions during the afternoon. There are six oral sessions per day, split into two parallel tracks. The specific topical themes of the parallel sessions have been based on high-level key ideas that rose out of submitted abstracts.

The final conference day (Thursday) follows the same pattern, with a lengthier morning plenary session on Mars Sample Return. Only two oral sessions are scheduled, both in plenary. The conference concludes with a session to synthesize conference content and prepare a draft report of discoveries and the state of Mars science.

Following an hour of exhibitions, a public panel discussion will be held on Wednesday evening in Beckman Auditorium.

Groups interested in meeting on the Friday following the conference can email [email protected] with their request. Assistance will be provided in securing a conference room on the Caltech campus, but organizers are responsible for all other aspects of their team/group meeting.

Conference Format Chart
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