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Official Report for the NASA Technosignatures Workshop

  Wednesday Thursday Friday
7:45 AM Morning chair:  Gelino Morning chair:  Kipping Morning chair:  Siemion
8:25 AM Welcome: Dawn Gelino/ Mayra De Leon
Message from Rep. Lamar Smith
Solar System SETI:  Existing upper limits: Ravi Kopparapu

Post-it note discussions

Impromptu discussion

Other items not discussed

8:50 AM Charge from NASA (Michael New) Lander and Earth-based searches:  Gavin Schmidt
9:15 AM Report from ad hoc committee on nomenclature:  Sofia Sheikh Solar system SETI - Imaging searches:  Sara Walker/Paul Davies (remote)
9:40 AM Direct Imaging:  Svetlana Berdyugina/Jeff Kuhn (remote) Q&A:  Davies, Kopparapu, Schmidt, Walker Feedback from HQ and charge for Friday
10:00 AM Next chair:  Lazio Next chair:  S. Wright Next chair:  Gelino
10:30 AM Kinds of technosignatures:  Jill Tarter (remote) Megastructures in waste heat and transit: Jason Wright RFI response 1:  Breakthrough Listen:  Pete Worden/Jamie Drew
10:55 AM Technosignatures in atmospheres/planetary evolution:  Adam Frank “Moderately advanced” technologies in transit:  Hector Socas-Navarro RFI response 2:  Optical Technosignatures with Cherenkov Telescopes:  Jamie Holder (remote)
11:20 AM Technosignatures in the context of planetary evolution:  David Grinspoon Future prospects and data mining for structures in transit:  David Kipping RFI response 3:  The Search for Technosignatures Initiative:  Andrew Stewart/Philip Lubin (remote)
11:45 AM Q&A:  Tarter (remote), Grinspoon, Frank, Berdyugina/Kuhn (remote), Sheikh Q&A:  J. Wright, Socas-Navarro, Kipping RFI response 4:  Partnership with BMSIS and SETI:  Julia DeMarines
12:00 PM Next chair:  J. Wright Next chair:  N. Batalha  
1:00 PM Radio SETI as part of astrobiology:  Bill Diamond (remote)/Nathalie Cabrol NIRO:  Past upper limits: Andrew Howard Breakout groups to compile ideas and compose responses:
1) Existing upper limits
(Chair:  Siemion/Room :  Berkners)
2) Current and near-future projects
(Chair:  S. Wright/Room:  Hess)
3) New initiatives and partnerships
(Chair:  Berdyugina/Room:  Lecture Hall)
Note:  these are summary documents, not consensus documents
1:25 PM Upper limits in radio SETI:  Shubham Kanodia Current NIRO technosignature work:  Doug Vakoch
1:50 PM Existing Radio upper limits:  Emilio Enriquez Future projects:  Shelley Wright
2:15 PM SETI in Europe:  Claudio Maccone Future projects:  Eliot Gillum
2:40 PM Q&A:  Kanodia, Enriquez, Maccone, Diamond (remote) Q&A:  S. Wright, Howard, Vakoch, Gillum
3:00 PM Next chair:  Grinspoon Next chair:  Schmidt Next chair:  J. Wright
3:30 PM Radio state-of-the-art:  Steve Croft The big data opportunity:  Anamaria Berea Report from existing upper limit breakout group
3:55 PM Radio state-of-the-art:  Eric Korpela Anomalies in astronomical datasets and technosignatures:  Charles Beichman Report from current and near-future breakout group
4:20 PM Radio SETI at NASA:  Joseph Lazio Data mining via data stacking and AI:  Daniel Angerhausen Report from new initiatives and partnerships breakout group
4:45 PM Near- and far-term future of radio technosignatures:  Andrew Siemion Non-EM:  Rana Adhikari Plenary discussion
5:10–5:30 PM Q&A:  Croft, Korpela, Lazio, Siemion Q&A:  Barea, Beichmann, Angerhausen, Adhikari Feedback from HQ and valediction
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