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Final Announcement

Meeting Location and Dates

We are happy to announce the NASA Technosignatures Workshop (NTW18) scheduled for September 26–28, 2018 with an opening reception on September 25 at the Lunar and Planetary Institute, 3600 Bay Area Blvd., Houston, Texas.

Purpose and Scope

This workshop has four main goals:

  1. Define the current state of the technosignature field. What experiments have occurred? What is the state-of-the-art for technosignature detection? What limits do we currently have on technosignatures?  
  2. Understand the advances coming near-term in the technosignature field. What assets are in place that can be applied to the search for technosignatures? What planned and funded projects will advance the state-of-the-art in future years, and what is the nature of that advancement?
  3. Understand the future potential of the technosignature field. What new surveys, new instruments, technology development, new data-mining algorithms, new theory and modeling, etc., would be important for future advances in the field?
  4. What role can NASA partnerships with the private sector and philanthropic organizations play in advancing our understanding of the technosignatures field?

In-person participation is by invitation only and limited to 50 people who demonstrate expertise relevant to technosignature research and the specific goals of the workshop. A live webcast with chat capability will be available for online participants. Participants are welcome to utilize the chat box for input and questions as the chat box will be monitored.

Note: All electronic submission forms are part of the Meeting Portal, which requires users to set up a personal profile to access our electronic forms (setting up a profile is quick and easy, requiring only a few minutes of your time).