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Meeting Location and Dates

The Planetary Mission Concept Studies Workshop previously scheduled for March 15, 2020 at LPSC 51 will now take place virtually on May 26–27, 2020.

Purpose and Scope

As part of NASA's preparations for the 2023 Planetary Science Decadal Survey, proposals to conduct mission concept studies in planetary science were solicited through ROSES-2018, and 11 were selected by the Planetary Science Division in 2019. The selected studies span a range of target bodies across the solar system. The planetary missions that are the focus of these studies are envisioned to have a cost greater than a Discovery mission cost cap (Discovery FY19 cap cost $500M Phases A through D), not including launch costs. The results of these studies will be provided by the individual teams to NASA as input for the 2023 Decadal Survey. An overview of each of the selected Planetary Mission Concept Studies (PMCS) will be presented during this workshop.


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