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Meeting Planning Services

Program and Presenter Information

Detailed information about the agenda is available by viewing the program and abstracts. Authors will not receive notification letters. Please check the author index to see where presentations have been scheduled. Authors should also review their names in these products and, if updates are needed, email them to [email protected]. The latest block program (including any changes) can be viewed here.

To view meeting presentations and full-group discussions, as well as pre-recorded presentations based on abstracts: videos are available on YouTube at https://boi.st/planetinsitu22, and e-posters are here.

Oral Presentations (i.e., Invited Overview Talks, Lightning Talks)

In-Person Overview
A PC laptop, LCD projector, and microphone will be available for in-person overview presentations. PowerPoint presentation format setup of 16:9 can best be supported. All presentations should be preloaded and tested in advance to facilitate a smooth transition between speakers. An IT technician will be available each morning and during breaks to assist in loading your presentation.

All in-person speakers and commenters will be required to use the microphone.

Remote Overview
Presenters should be ready to present from their computers or send their presentation files to [email protected]. Presentation files must be received at least four hours before the session. Conveners will download and test each file, then confirm receipt via email. To schedule a pre-workshop test run in Zoom, contact [email protected] before June 17.

Lightning Talk
For abstract authors and those demonstrating instruments on the field trip, lightning talks of two minutes and one PowerPoint or pdf slide are welcomed (but not required). See the program for your specific presentation period (order within the period is subject to change). Additional spots will be available to remote or in-person participants for “walk-on” topics. We will show all slides from one computer to decrease transition time, so remote and in-person presenters should send their files to [email protected] at least two hours before the session time. Receipt will be confirmed via email.

Presenters are encouraged to read this article for presentation tips: Speak Your Science: How to Give a Better Conference Talk.

Pre-Recorded Presentations

No abstract-driven presentations will be given live at the workshop. So the community has a chance to review materials before the workshop, those with accepted abstracts are invited to submit a pre-recorded presentation, with the author choosing between a video recording (posted to YouTube https://boi.st/planetinsitu22) or an e-poster pdf. Submission instructions are below.

Deadline to upload all pre-recorded presentations: June 14, 2022

Video Recordings
Video recordings should be no longer than 15-minutes and uploaded to YouTube, with the link to the video emailed to [email protected] for inclusion on the workshop website. These recordings are intended to be available before, during, and after the workshop for attendees, observers, and others unable to attend the workshop.

One suggested method to record your presentation is to use Zoom (explained here or here) and then upload that video file to YouTube (explained here and here). Please ensure that all of your presented material is cleared for public release and does not violate copyright policies (or YouTube might block your presentation). If you do not want your video to be openly accessed through YouTube (e.g., to show up in searches), set your video privacy setting to “unlisted.”

Deadline to upload e-posters: June 14, 2022

To view all submitted e-posters: View E-Posters

E-posters will be available before, during, and after the workshop for attendees and others who cannot attend the workshop. Presenters are urged to take advantage of this opportunity to increase the visibility of their research to a global audience.

E-Poster Instructions
To submit an e-poster:

  • Log in to the abstract submission page of the meeting portal: https://www.hou.usra.edu/meeting_portal/abstract_submission/.
  • Next to the listing of the abstract that was assigned to a poster, click on the e-poster link in the action column to go to the e-poster upload page.
    • All e-posters must be submitted in PDF format.
    • The maximum file size allowed is 10.0 MB.
  • Use the browse button to locate the e-poster file on your computer, acknowledge the copyright statement, click the “Submit” button once, and wait for the confirmation screen.
  • You will receive a confirmation email with a direct link to your e-poster.

To revise e-posters (before the deadline only):

  • Return to the abstract submission page of the meeting portal and click on the e-poster link that appears next to the title of the abstract you submitted.
  • Upload the revised version of your e-poster.

To view submitted e-posters:

  • Click on the “View E-Posters” link on the workshop website.
  • Use the abstract search function to find a particular abstract. Abstracts with e-posters will have an additional link in the search result that allows you to view the associated poster.
Note: All electronic submission forms are part of the Meeting Portal, which requires users to set up a personal profile to access our electronic forms (setting up a profile is quick and easy, requiring only a few minutes of your time).