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Field Trip

Field Guide (including instrument demo information and geology information) can be downloaded here.

We will spend one workshop day at Bruneau Dunes State Park, looking at and discussing field data collection. The goal of this field trip is to discuss, in detail, exactly where and how instruments are set up for optimal in situ measurements. Such nuanced considerations about how terrestrial field studies are collected will feed into the following day’s discussions about collection of the needed measurements, including instrument type options, selecting an observation site, instrument accommodation on the spacecraft, and operations.

Several participants plan to bring instruments for demonstration and discussion on the field trip. Information about these instruments will be linked on this site in mid-June. (Please do not bring instrumentation unless you have communicated with co-convener Brian Jackson, as this workshop needed to submit a permit application for instrument operations at the State Park.)

In-person attendees will be asked to carpool to the field site (no special vehicles are required). Boxed lunches will be provided. Additional information about the site is listed under Information for In-Person Attendees. We will have a presentation on the geology of Bruneau dunes at the end of Tuesday’s sessions, along with a presentation on final field trip logistics.

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