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This page provides a listing of presentations with e-posters, organized by session.
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Lightning Talks 1: Needed Measurements
Tue, a.m., Main Meeting Room

Tracking Surface Energy Flux at Analog Field Sites for Thermophysical Modeling of Martian Sediments, A. H.D. Koeppel, C. S. Edwards, L. A. Edgar, S. Nowicki, K. A. Bennett, B. Carr, A. Gullikson, S. Piqueux, H. Eifert, A. D. Rogers [Abstract 7001]

What's z0 got to do with it? Part 2: Considerations for Collecting Wind Profiling Data from Landed Vehicles, J. R. Zimbelman, S. Diniega [Abstract 7005]

Lightning Talks 3: Instrument Concepts
Thu, a.m., Main Meeting Room

Sediment Flux Estimates Derived from Different Instruments, T. N. Titus [Abstract 7003]

Sonic Anemometry, Saltation Sensing, and Mars Boundary Layer Peculiarities, D. Banfield [Abstract 7018]

Acoustics as a New Tool to Investigate Surface-Atmosphere Interactions, B. Chide, R. D. Lorenz, T. Bertrand, N. L. Lanza, D. Banfield, J. Lasue, S. Clegg, S. Maurice, R. C. Wiens [Abstract 7015]

Mars Lander Lidar for Profiling Winds, Water Vapor, and Aerosols, D. R. Cremons, J. B. Abshire, K. Numata, S. D. Guzewich, M. D. Smith, X. Sun [Abstract 7014]

Lightning Talks 4: Mission Concepts and Observation Sites
Thu, a.m., Main Meeting Room

Aeolus: A Mars Network Mission Addressing Climate and Surface Processes, D. Banfield, A. Colaprete, A. Cook, D. Mauro, J. Bookbinder, B. Maryatt, J. Wilson, M. Kahre, A. Cassell [Abstract 7017]

Kaiser Crater Dune Fields—A Novel Approach for Landed Observations of Dynamic Polar Processes, T. N. Titus, C. L. Dinwiddie [Abstract 7002]

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