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6th Planetary Data Workshop

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Poster Session and Two-Minute Lightning Poster Presentations
Tue, p.m., HCCC Fremont

CTX In-Flight Calibration and Data Dissemination, S. H. G. Walter, K.-M. Aye, R. R. C. Munteanu, F. Postberg [Abstract 7017], Poster Location: 2

Mastcam Stereo Analysis and Mosaics (MSAM) Release, R. G. Deen, A. Tinio, N. Ruoff, H. E. Abarca, N. Toole, M. McAuley, M. K. Crombie [Abstract 7070], Poster Location: 4

Improving JMARS Data Analysis and Visualization with Modernized and Enhanced User Interface, Z. Anderson, S. Anwar, M. Burris, S. Dickenshied, W. Hagee, K. Rios, D. Noss, P. Wren, N. Piacentine, P. Christensen [Abstract 7028], Poster Location: 9

The Most Surprising Data Layers in JMARS: One of Them Will Shock You!, S. Dickenshied, S. Anwar, S. Carter, D. Noss, K. Rios, P. Wren [Abstract 7060], Poster Location: 12

Deep Learning Framework for Automatic Segmentation of Martian Aeolian Relief Using Multi-Source Data, K. Choromanski, J. Kozakiewicz, M. Sobucki, M. Pilarska-Mazurek, R. Olszewski [Abstract 7054], Poster Location: 13

Machine Learning Dictionary for the ML Community, S. Bond, S. Lu, J. McAuley [Abstract 7029], Poster Location: 15

Virtual Volumes on ESA PSA, J. Osinde, R. Docasal, F. Raga, J. Saiz, B. Merin, M. S. Bentley [Abstract 7006], Poster Location: 17

Status of Geosciences Node's Migration of Legacy Data to the PDS4 Standard, E. A. Guinness, J. G. Ward, D. V. Politte, T. C. Stein, P. K. Byrne [Abstract 7069], Poster Location: 19

Mars 2020 Instrument Data Processing and Data-Driven Timeliness Evaluation, E. Ford, G. Hollins, S. Algermissen, K. Grimes, A. Culver, H. Abarca, S. Oij, H. Mortensen, J. Ryan, N. Arena, S. Liu, E. Morris, P. Ramirez [Abstract 7024], Poster Location: 22

Remove Presumable Spacecraft Jitter of the Context Imager (CTX) Instrument Using “jitter_solve” from the NASA Ames Stereo Pipeline Software to Create a CTX DEM for a Crater in Tyrrhena Terra, A. Ovchinnikova, S. H. G. Walter, A. Neesemann, R. Jaumann, F. Postberg [Abstract 7014], Poster Location: 25

The Open Data Repository – An Open Science Platform for Long-Tail Research Data, N. Stone, B. Lafuente, T. F. Bristow, R. Downs, S. R. Wolfe, M. N. Parenteau, K. Boydstun, M. Vorobets, D. F. Blake, C. Dateo [Abstract 7061], Poster Location: 27

VISOR: Open Source of VICAR Mars/Surface Processing Programs, R. G. Deen, F. Ayoub, O. Pariser, H. A. Lethcoe, D. Padgett, K. Gill, S. Mayer [Abstract 7076], Poster Location: 28

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