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This page provides a listing of presentations with e-posters, organized by session.
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Poster Session 1: Analysis and Visualization Tools, Current or New Algorithms and Methods (M2)
Mon, a.m.

Modeling Titan Using ROCKE-3D Global Circulation Model, M. C. Collins [Abstract 7001]

BepiColombo Data Analysis Ecosystem: Quick-Look and Science Analysis Forum, T. Cornet, M. S. Bentley, A. J. Macfarlane, R. Moss, S. Martínez, M. A. Cuevas, N. Fajersztejn, M. Freschi, D. Galan, J. Gallegos, F. Vallejo, Science Ground Segment [Abstract 7033]

A New Methane Spectral Index from NASA’s New Horizons Ralph/MVIC Instrument, A. Emran, V. F. Chevrier, C. J. Ahrens [Abstract 7007]

Planetary Image Editor I/O-Web Service, C. Frasier, L. Keszthelyi [Abstract 7049]

Gsymblib: A Geologic Mapping Symbol Library and Development Environment for QGIS, A. Frigeri [Abstract 7105]

Saturn's Equatorial Jet Through Reanalysis of Newly Navigated Voyager Data, J. Garland, K. M. Sayanagi, J. W. C. McNabb, R. M. McCabe [Abstract 7090]

Mars Thermal Model for Mega-Pixel Digital Elevation Models, N. Schorghofer [Abstract 7005]

Study of the Formation of Terrestrial Exoplanets in the Habitability Zone of Orange Dwarf Stars: Superhabitable Worlds, F. M. A. Silva, B. L. Nascimento-Dias, B. C. B. Camargo [Abstract 7057]

In-Situ Exploration Data Positioning of Chang’E-4 Rover with Transverse Route Mapping, X. G. Zeng, W. Zuo, X. Y. Gao, Y. X. Liu, C. L. Li [Abstract 7009]

Poster Session 2: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud, and Other (W4)
Wed, p.m.

Cloud Adoption Strategy for the Planetary Data System Geosciences Node, L. A. Arvidson, D. V. Politte, D. Scholes [Abstract 7055]

On-Board Downlink Prioritization Balancing Science Utility and Data Diversity, G. Doran, M. Wronkiewicz, S. Mauceri [Abstract 7048]

Recognising Planetary Rocks and Minerals by Combining a Custom Mineralogical Database with Deep Learning Based Multi-Spectral Unmixing, I. Drozdovskiy, F. Sauro, S. J. Payler, S. Hill, P. Jahoda, K. Jaruskova, F. Venegas, A. Angellotti, M. Franke, P. Lennert, G. Ligeza, P. Vodnik, L. Turchi, L. Bessone [Abstract 7076]

Feature Detection and Line of Sight Analysis on the Moon Trek Portal, N. Gallegos, S. Malhotra, C. Nainan, B. H. Day [Abstract 7063]

AWS Glacier Use at PDS SBN, P. J. Lawton, J. M. Bauer, J. H. Padams [Abstract 7011]

Bringing Lab Analytical Data for Astromaterials to the Planetary Data Ecosystem, K. Lehnert, J. Mays, J. D. Figueroa, P. Ji, A. Johansson, L. Profeta, L. Song [Abstract 7103]

Studying the Formation of Terrestrial Exoplanet in Habitable Zone Regions of Binary Systems, M. M. Marques, B. L. Nascimento-Dias, B. C. B. Camargo [Abstract 7056]

ELSA Revealed: Philosophy and Purpose, Student-Led Design, L. D. V. Neakrase, T. D. Pagán, T. Arnold, L. Huber, N. Chanover [Abstract 7082]

ISIS Test Data Reduction, K. Rodriguez, K. D. Lee, A. C. Paquette, A. R. Sanders, J. R. Laura [Abstract 7064]

The Electronic Fieldbook: A Field Science Support System for Astronaut Training and Planetary Exploration, L. T. Turchi, S. P. Payler, F. S. Sauro, R. P. Pozzobon, M. M. Massironi, L. B. Bessone [Abstract 7075]

Poster Session 3: Data Archiving and Distribution Services; Hands-On Training and How-To Guides (F2)
Fri, a.m.

The NASA Mars 2020 Mission Perseverance Rover Mastcam-Z Data Archive, A. M. Bailey, L. K. Mehall, E. Cisneros, J. F. Bell III, K. N. Paris, E. H. Jenson, J. N. Maki, Mastcam-Z Science and Operations Team [Abstract 7038]

Towards a Terrestrial Analogs Data Portal: Use Cases and Requirements, D. M. H. Baker, M. E. Rumpf, L. P. Keszthelyi, J. A. Richardson, P. L. Whelley, N. M. Schmerr, K. E. Young [Abstract 7046]

Advanced Search in the PSA for ExoMars TGO Data Discovery, D. Coia, T. Lim, M. Bentley, I. Barbarisi, S. Besse, R. Docasal, F. Giordano, B. Grieger, E. Grotheer, D. Heather, B. Merin, J. Osinde, J. Saiz [Abstract 7043]

Migrating the Cassini RADAR Archive to PDS4, P. E. Geissler [Abstract 7036]

Migration of Magellan Mission from the PDS3 to the PDS4 Standard, E. A. Guinness, D. V. Politte, S. Slavney [Abstract 7030]

The Rosetta Science Archive: Preparing for Legacy Science, D. J. Heather, M. G. G. Taylor, S. Besse, I. Barbarisi, A. Montero, R. Docasal, B. Grieger [Abstract 7072]

Atmospheres Data: Galileo, Mariner, Juno Migration, L. F. Huber, T. Güth, J. Emmett, N. Chanover, L. D. V. Neakrase [Abstract 7083]

Designing a Machine Learning Local Data Dictionary, M. N. Le, J. M. McAuley, K. Wagstaff [Abstract 7085]

An Update on the ExoMars 2022 Rover Data Archive, T.-L. Lim, R. Docasal, E. Sefton-Nash, F. Salvioli, D. Coia, M. Bentley, S. Besse, B. Grieger, E. Grotheer, D. Heather, P. Martin, J. Osinde, J. Ruano [Abstract 7066]

PDS Geosciences Node Data and Services, S. Slavney, J. G. Ward, L. E. Arvidson, R. A. Arvidson [Abstract 7035]

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