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Meeting Location and Date

We are happy to announce the 4th Planetary Data Workshop scheduled for June 18–20, 2019 at High Country Conference Center in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Purpose and Scope

The wealth of data available for planetary research has created the need for new tools and capabilities for storing, delivering, and working with the data using cutting-edge methods. The goal of these “planetary data” workshops is to bring together planetary data users, space mission data providers, data archivists, and software and technology experts to exchange ideas on current capabilities and needs for improved and new tools that can be used to address evolving needs in planetary research and data analysis.

Encouraged topics include:

  • trends in data storage and rapid access
  • analysis and visualization tools using current and new algorithms and methods
  • the availability of planetary data
  • planetary data system topics, including PDS4 concepts and software
  • hands-on training and how-to guides for acquiring, processing, and working with digital planetary data
  • new derived data products
  • processing capabilities, including Geographic Information Systems, featuring data and tools customized for planetary data analysis

Past demonstrations and tutorials include those for ISIS3, Ames Stereo Pipeline, QGIS, and JMARS. Please contact the Organizers to arrange rooms and a schedule for demonstrations or tutorials.

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