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The Second International Orbital Debris Conference (IOC II)

Program and Presenter Information

Detailed information about the agenda is available by viewing the program and abstracts. Authors are encouraged to view the author index for abstracts that have been accepted for presentation and where they have been scheduled. Authors should also review their names in these products and, if updates are needed, email them to [email protected].

 Full papers (downloadable file)

Full papers are also available as linked files associated with each abstract throughout the program.

Full Papers

Full Paper Submission Deadline: November 2, 2023, 5:00 p.m. CDT
No full papers or revisions to full papers will be accepted after November 2.

Important: Full papers may only be submitted by authors who have an abstract that was accepted for presentation at the conference. Any other papers submitted will be automatically rejected.

  • Download the required template.
  • Prepare the paper using the template.
  • Create a PDF file of the paper.
  • Submit the full paper PDF file.
    • Click on the full paper submission form.
      Note: This form is not visible from the USRA meeting portal. The link above is the only way to access the form.
    • Click the link “To replace a previous submission for this meeting.”
    • Use the dropdown menu next to “Full Paper Number” to select your abstract number.
    • Select the “Populate Form Fields” button to the right.
    • Update the full paper title and author list if needed.
    • Click the “Continue” button at the bottom of the form.
    • Review the form information and if correct, click on the “Continue to final form to upload full paper” button at the bottom.
    • Choose the correct PDF file, click on the Copyright Status agreement box, add comments if desired, and click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form.
    • If your submission is successful, you will see a Confirmation screen with a message stating “Full Paper Received” and receive a confirmation email.

Oral Presentations

Session Room Hardware and Software

  • PC laptop, LCD projector, and a presentation advancer
  • Windows hardware and software only
  • Note: Mac hardware and software will not be used in the session rooms.

Presentation Software

  • PowerPoint only
  • PowerPoint slide size: widescreen (16:9)

Presentation Submission

Presentation Submission Deadline: November 23, 2023, 5:00 p.m. CST
No presentations or revisions to presentations will be accepted after November 23.

  • File Name Format: PresentationTime_LastName
    • Presentation time should be in 24-hour format (e.g., 0830, 1300, or 1415).
    • If submitting an updated file, add the version number to the end of the file name (PresentationTime_LastName_v#).
    • If submitting any source video and audio files with presentations, use these file name formats: PresentationTime_LastName_video; PresentationTime_LastName_audio.
  • Accepted presentation file format: PowerPoint, widescreen (16:9)
  • Submission link: https://app.box.com/f/90601870cb284696bab9cc9c5a73dce1
    • If your upload is successful, a Success! pop-up will appear on your screen. You will not receive a confirmation email.
    • The upload link to Box is the only acceptable method of presentation submission. No presentations will be accepted via email or memory devices (e.g., USB drives).
    • Reference these Box Instructions for more information about uploading files.

Oral Presentation Timeline: 20 minutes per presenter

Presentation duration 17 minutes
Discussion and presenter transition 3 minutes
Timing alert/warning At the 15-minute mark

In-Person Oral Presenter Guidelines

  • Presenters will not use their own laptops to display slides.
  • Presenters will advance their presentation slides using the remote slide advancer (clicker) provided in the oral session room.
  • Presenters are required to wear a lapel microphone.

Poster Presentation Guidelines

Poster Sessions December 5 and 6, 3:00 p.m. CST
Poster Location Rooms I–IV
Poster Setup Posters can be hung any time prior to the poster session.
Poster Removal Upon conclusion of the poster session on December 6.
Posters left behind will be discarded.
Poster Size 44 in × 44 in (110 cm × 110 cm)
Materials Provided Push pins

Session Chair Guidelines

Before the Oral Session

  • Contact the co-chair for your session, introduce yourself, and coordinate session management tasks, including setting session ground rules, introducing presenters, and time management.
  • Familiarize yourself with presentation titles and speakers’ names to avoid mispronunciations.
  • At the venue, introduce yourself to the audio-visual (AV) technicians assigned to your room prior to the session. Make arrangements for signaling the AV technicians to cut off a speaker’s microphone for those occasions when speakers exceed their time limit.

Oral Session Introduction

  • Kick off the oral session with an introduction of both session chairs, the ground rules for the oral session, and an overview of the session timeline.
  • Work with the AV technician in the room if computer or AV issues arise.

During the Oral Session

  • Continue to emphasize the session ground rules throughout the session. Some people may join a session late and will not have heard them at the session introduction.
  • Do not allow presenters to change the order of presentations as listed in the program.
  • Introduce presentation titles and presenters.
  • Time management is critical to the success of the session. As chair, you are responsible for keeping the session on schedule.
    • Presentation Duration: The total duration of each presentation is 17 minutes, with a warning at the 15-minute mark. Session chairs should give presenters a timing alert at this point.
    • If a paper has been withdrawn or a speaker does not appear, call for a discussion of previous talks in that session or related issues.
    • Do not begin the next presentation until the time listed in the program.
  • Discussion during the Q&A period should be conducted in a professional manner and focus on the science.
  • Be prepared to ask questions if there are none from the audience during the Q&A portion.
  • Demeaning, harassing, or aggressive language is not acceptable at any time. If this occurs, the session chairs should attempt to stop it immediately.

Technical Support: An AV technician will be in each room to assist if needed.

Note: All electronic submission forms are part of the Meeting Portal, which requires users to set up a personal profile to access our electronic forms (setting up a profile is quick and easy, requiring only a few minutes of your time).