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General Themes

  • Geophysical drivers for water/silicate interaction
    • Heat-flow from planetary interiors – to convect or not to convect?
    • Thermal contraction and fracturing of the silicate layer(s)
    • The importance of seafloor topography – will there be any?
  • Geologic settings for water/silicate interactions
    • Occurrence, extent and temporal stability of water-rock interaction sites
    • Sub-seafloor flow and interactions
    • Settings for fluid-fluid and fluid-rock (“mud”) mixing
    • Seafloor weathering
  • Geochemistry of water/rock reactions
    • Fluid and rock compositions at chemical equilibrium
    • Kinetic limitations or inhibitions to chemical equilibrium and associated timescales
    • Abiotic organic synthesis and consumption
    • Feed-backs on geophysics (e.g., porosity, generation of antifreeze compounds, fate of radionuclides)
    • Feed-forwards on habitability: extent of thermodynamic disequilibrium
  • Biological Processes and Signatures
    • Microbiology of water-rock interaction settings with astrobiological significance
    • Metabolic strategies in chemosynthetic ecosystems
    • Biosignature synthesis at sites of water-rock interaction
    • Biosignature transport, persistence and fate, in space and time
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