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Massive Hydrothermal Flows of Fluids and Heat: Earth Constraints and Ocean World Considerations
Presented by A.T. Fisher, University of California - Santa Cruz

The Geology of the Rocky Interiors of Enceladus, Ganymede, Titan, and Europa
Presented by Paul Regensburger, North Carolina State University

Light in the Thermal Environments of an Ocean World: Groveling for Photons, or Living It Rich?
Presented by John Rummel, SETI Institute

Hydrovolcanic Astromaterials in the Lab
Presented by Michael Zolensky, Johnson Space Center

Fate and Transport of Solutes in Microporous Chondritic Asteroidal Aquifers – And Cores of
Ocean Worlds?
Presented by Michael Velbel, Michigan State University

Exploring the Oxidation Chemistry of Enceladus' Ocean
Presented by Christine Ray, Southwest Research Institute

Physical and Chemical Feedbacks in Large Ice-Rich Bodies — Lessons Learned from Dawn at Ceres
Presented by Paul Schenk, Lunar and Planetary Institute

Astrobiology at the Water-Rock Interface in Icy Ocean Worlds
Presented by Steve Vance, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Compaction-Driven Evolution of Pluto's Rocky Core: Implications for Water-Rock Interactions
Presented by Leila Gabasova, Institut de Planétologie et Astrophysique de Grenoble

Prevalence of the Ancient Wood-Ljungdahl Pathway in a Subseafloor Olivine Community
Presented by Amy Smith, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Hydrogen and Methane Generation in Serpentinizing Systems: An Experimental Perspective
Presented by Tom McCollom, University of Colorado

Water-Silicate Interactions in Icy World Interiors:  Fate of Antifreezes Radionuclides, Carbon, Nitrogen,
and Sulfur
Presented by Marc Neveu, NASA HQ, USRA NPMP

Ocean-Rock Interactions on Europa and Enceladus: Origin and Compositional Perspectives
Presented by William McKinnon, Washington University in St. Louis

Macromolecular Organic Compounds Emerging from the Enceladus Ocean
Presented by Hsiang-Wen Hsu, University of Colorado at Boulder

Faults and Fractures in the Subseafloor Environment tell a Different Story than they do at the Seafloor
Presented by Nicholas Hayman, University of Texas at Austin

Nanoparticles as a Messenger of Rock-Water Interactions in the Subsurface Ocean of Europa
Presented by Hsiang-Wen Hsu, University of Colorado at Boulder

Life (Detection) Where the Sun Don't Shine
Presented by Tori Hoehler, NASA Ames Research Center

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