Plenary Oral Presentations and Integration Report


Monday’s Plenary Oral Presentations:  What We Learn by Studying Mars


·         Jakosky B. M.:  Mars Volatiles, Climate, and Habitability: History and Inventory of CO2 and H2O (expanded from [#6030])


·         Calvin W. M.:  The Orbital Perspective: How Our World View has Changed (expanded from [#6116])


·         Arvidson R. E.:  Habitability of Mars as Inferred from Landed Mission Observations


·         Johnson S. S.:  Future Approaches to Life Detection on Mars (expanded from [#6374])


Wednesday’s Plenary Oral Presentation:  Mars Water Ice:  A Synergistic Investigation for Science and Human Exploration


·         Morgan G. A. and Putzig T.:  The Science Value of Ice Resource Mapping:  Mars Subsurface Water Ice Mapping (SWIM) [#6418]


Thursday’s Plenary Oral Presentations:  Additional Key Advancements in Our Understanding of Mars


·         Chaffin M. S.:  Mars Climate Controls Atmospheric Escape:  Dust-Driven Escape from Surface to Space with MRO/MCS, TGO/NOMAD, TGO/ACS, and MAVEN/IUVS [#6312]


·         Lee C. O.:  Space Weather at Mars:  4.5 Years of MAVEN Observations [#6434]


·         Ehlmann B. L.:  Martian Groundwaters Though Time and Their Impact on the Mars System:  An Appraisal [#6397]


·         Udry A.:  What have Meteorites Taught Us About the Martian Interior and Surface Over the Past Five Years? [#6139]


·         Bibring J.-P.:  Mars Evolution and Habitability:  The Evolution of Paradigms [#6278]


Thursday’s Synthesis:  Integration Report


·         Climate Lead Integrator:  François Forget (Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique, Paris)


·         Geology Lead Integrator:  Wendy Calvin (University of Nevada-Reno)


·         Life Lead Integrator:  Dave Des Marais (NASA Ames Research Center)


·         Human Exploration Lead Integrator:  Paul Niles (NASA Johnson Space Center)