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Final Announcement

The New Views of the Moon 2 – Europe workshop will be held May 4–5, 2017 at The University of Münster, Germany.

Purpose and Scope

Given that missions to the Moon since 2000 have been multi-national in nature, New Views of the Moon 2 (NVM-2) is an international project. Therefore, having this workshop immediately after the European Lunar Symposium (May 2–3, 2017 also in Münster) is important to galvanize international participation in this project. Coordination between the respective organizing committees will ensure that NVM-2 relevant abstracts are noted and can be presented at either the symposium or the workshop.

From the first NVM-2 workshop, the chapters for NVM-2 have been outlined and are available at http://www3.nd.edu/~cneal/NVM-2/. The New Views of the Moon 2 — Europe workshop is designed for presenting updates from the various chapter leads as to the current state of each chapter, and also for new science and exploration results as they relate to the existing chapters and integrating them — contributed talks are therefore essential and welcomed. NVM-2 Europe is critical for getting the chapters integrated with each other and close to the final form, as well as formalizing writing teams. The final workshop in 2018 will be focused on mapping the future in terms of what’s next for the Moon.                             

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