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Modern SEM Techniques Workshop

The Modern Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) Techniques Workshop is scheduled for August 12–14, 2024, at the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) in Houston, Texas. Participants will receive both theoretical and hands-on training in electron imaging and X-ray spectroscopy for application to planetary samples. This training opportunity is targeted at approximately 10 participants, with a focus on broadening participation in planetary sample science.


Electron microbeam imaging and analysis are now standard and crucial tools in geologic and planetary sample science. Increasing the number of researchers trained in both theory and practice of these tools will broaden participation in planetary sample science and improve the quality of research products. Scanning electron microscopes are available at many institutions in large laboratories, with smaller desktop models becoming increasingly widespread. The LPI will offer a training workshop in the basic theory and hands-on use of SEM techniques using the LPI Phenom XL desktop SEM. This training will be aimed at novice to intermediate SEM users, with the goal of increasing their ability to work independently on planetary samples and pass acquired skills on to others at their institutions.

Targeted Skills

The workshop will include numerous aspects of sample preparation and SEM operation:

  • Basic theory of electron imaging and electron microbeam X-ray analysis
  • Sample preparation techniques
  • Hands-on operation of the SEM and
  • Capturing high quality electron images
  • Hands-on Qualitative and semiquantitative elemental analysis and mapping
  • Post-acquisition processing and analysis of images and maps (e.g., through XMapTools, ImageJ)
  • Evaluating precision and accuracy

Code of Conduct

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