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Poster Session: MExAG Posters
Thu, a.m.

Mid-IR Reflectance of Silicate Glasses as a Possible Analog for Mercury: Influence of Granulometry, A. Pisello, G. Poggiali, M. Bisolfati, J. R. Brucato, D. Perugini [Abstract 6029]

Mercury Science Questions Addressed with Imaging Spectroscopy Observations Across the New Intermediate Infrared (IMIR) Spectral Range, C. H. Kremer, J. F. Mustard, C. M. Pieters, R. O. Green, S. W. Parman, M. S. Bramble [Abstract 6035]

Revised g_Values for Atoms and Ions in Mercury's Exosphere, R. M. Killen, M. H. Burger, R. J. Vervack Jr. [Abstract 6002]

Mercury's Magnetotail Twisting: Comparing MESSENGER and Terrestrial Magnetometer Observations, N. Romanelli, G. A. DiBraccio, J. Slavin, C. Bowers, T. Weber [Abstract 6003]

A Sensitivity Study to Develop a Best-Practice for SDTrimSP Simulations of Solar Wind Ion Induced Sputtering, L. S. Morrissey, M. J. Schaible, O. J. Tucker, P. S. Szabo, G. Bacon, R. M. Killen, D. W. Savin [Abstract 6010]

Simulating Energetic Neutral Atoms (ENAs) from Scattered Solar Wind Protons for Constraining Surface Properties of Mercury, P. S. Szabo, A. R. Poppe, H. Biber, A. Mutzke, J. Pichler, N. Jäggi, A. Galli, P. Wurz, F. Aumayr [Abstract 6009]

Statistical Assessment of Mercury's Northern Plasma Sheet Horn with MESSENGER Data, A. N. Glass, J. M. Raines, X. Jia, R. M. Dewey, W. Sun [Abstract 6025]

MESSENGER: A Tool to Study Mercury Beyond Its Operative Life, E. Martellato, R. Luther, J. Benkhoff, V. Da Deppo, C. Casini, P. Palumbo, A. Rotundi, A. Slemer, G. Cremonese [Abstract 6024]

Using Fe-S-Si Internal Structure Models to Study Mercury's Interior, A. H. Dunnigan, K. M. Soderlund, D. Liu, G. Steinbrügge, A. Rivoldini, M. Dumberry, G. Schubert, H. Cao, D. M. Schroeder [Abstract 6036]

Computational Models for Mercury Surface Analysis, K. Wohlfarth, M. Tenthoff, J. Wright, V. Galluzzi, C. Wöhler, H. Hiesinger, J. Helbert, J. Zender, J. Benkhoff [Abstract 6034]

Space Weathering on the Mercurian Surface: Shedding Light on the Darkening, A. Shackelford, K. L. Donaldson Hanna, R. L. Klima, M. S. Thompson, S. Parman [Abstract 6023]

The Mercury HORNET: Ongoing Progress to Automatically Map and Classify Hollows, A. N. Deutsch, V. T. Bickel, D. T. Blewett [Abstract 6001]

Smooth Crater Floor Material — Time to Reassess How Much is Lava?, D. A. Rothery [Abstract 6007]

A New Map of Mercurian Smooth Plains, B. Giuri, C. Van der Bogert, H. Hiesinger [Abstract 6008]

Mercury's Chaos Terrain Revisited, A. J. Blance, D. A. Rothery, J. Wright, M. R. Balme, V. Galluzzi [Abstract 6039]

Geomorphology of Mercury’s Shortening Structures Shows No Grouping into Categories, S. R. Loveless, L. R. McCullough, C. Klimczak, K. T. Crane, P. K. Byrne [Abstract 6028]

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