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Poster Session: Chondrules!
Tue, p.m., Lobby of Conference Hall

Superimposed Processes in Chondrules of the Ochansk Meteorite, A. I. Bakhtin, R. Kh. Sungatullin, A. V. Gusev, A. A. Eskin, D. M. Kuzina [Abstract 6199], Poster Location: 2

Poster Session: Differentiated Meteorites I: Mostly HEDs
Tue, p.m., Lobby of Conference Hall

Mean Atomic Weight and Thermophysical Properties of Sariçiçek Howardite, M. Szurgot, R. A. Wach, O. Unsalan, C. Altunayar-Unsalan [Abstract 6011], Poster Location: 12

Poster Session: Differentiated Meteorites II: From Primitive Achondrites to Irons
Tue, p.m., Lobby of Conference Hall

Sodium-Rich Phosphate and Silicate Inclusions in Troilite Nodule in Darinskoe Iron Meteorite (IIC), V. V. Sharygin [Abstract 6301], Poster Location: 31

Poster Session: Dynamical Evolution and Processes in the Solar Nebula
Tue, p.m., Lobby of Conference Hall

Accumulation of Planetesimals by Forming Terrestrial Planets from Different Regions of Their Feeding Zone, S. I. Ipatov [Abstract 6147], Poster Location: 35

Probabilities of Collisions with the Earth and the Moon of Planetesimals Migrated from Outside the Orbit of Mars, S. I. Ipatov [Abstract 6290], Poster Location: 36

Centimeter Size Crossing Ripples both on the Near and Far Sides of the Moon (Chang'E 3 and 4): Modulation of the Moon's Orbit by the Galactic Rotation, G. G. Kochemasov [Abstract 6036], Poster Location: 38

Poster Session: Impacts Here, There, and Everywhere
Tue, p.m., Lobby of Conference Hall

A Survey of Zircon Microtextures in the Rochechouart Impactites, A. Plan, P. Lindgren, P. Lambert [Abstract 6140], Poster Location: 44

Global Datasets of the Geophysical Fields as an Instrument for Impact Structures Discovery, L. A. Muravyev [Abstract 6462], Poster Location: 45

Appearance of the Impact Flash in Meteorite Disruption Experiments, M. M. Strait, G. J. Flynn, D. D. Durda, M. J. Molesky, B. A. May, S. N. Congram, C. L. Loftus, J. R. Reagan [Abstract 6455], Poster Location: 47

Re-Investigation of Specific Impactor Compositions from Terrestrial Impact Craters by the Diagnostic Element Ratios Ru/Rh and Ir/Rh, G. Schmidt [Abstract 6026], Poster Location: 56

Poster Session: Meteorite Exposure Histories, Delivery, and Recovery
Tue, p.m., Lobby of Conference Hall

How Unique is Almahata Sitta and How Relevant is it to Bennu?, J. O. Nolau, T. D. Swindle, H. Campins, H. C. Connolly Jr. [Abstract 6387], Poster Location: 62

Past Solar Wind Fluxes at the Locations of Gas-Rich Meteorite Parent Bodies Based on Noble Gas Studies: Implications to the Past Heliocentric Distances, T. Obase, D. Nakashima [Abstract 6270], Poster Location: 63

The UK Fireball Network: Stage Two of the Global Fireball Observatory, S. McMullan, L. Daly, G. S. Collins, P. Bland, Desert Fireball Network Team [Abstract 6359], Poster Location: 67

The Chrono List of Bad Meteorites, L. A. Muravyev, V. I. Grokhovsky [Abstract 6454], Poster Location: 68

Magnetic Classification and Shock Stage (on Plagioclase by Raman Spectroscopy) of the Saricicek Meteorite (Howardite), V. H. Hoffmann, K. Wimmer, R. Hochleitner, M. Kaliwoda, I. Uysal [Abstract 6449], Poster Location: 76

Poster Session: Special Session: Ryugu, Bennu, and Small Bodies
Tue, p.m., Lobby of Conference Hall

Thermal Conductivity of Bifractal Aggregates: Theoretical Interpretation, S. Arakawa, M. Takemoto, T. Nakamoto [Abstract 6114], Poster Location: 92

The New Method of Processing Data on Meteoroids Using Modern Observations, O. I. Belkovich, A. O. Andreev, Y. A. Nefedyev [Abstract 6061], Poster Location: 94

The Kappa Cygnids Meteoroid Shower and its Connection with Near-Earth Asteroids, M. V. Sergienko, M. G. Sokolova, A. O. Andreev, Y. A. Nefedyev [Abstract 6056], Poster Location: 95

Analysis of the Genetic Connections Between Near-Earth Objects and Delta Cancrids Meteoroids, M. V. Sergienko, M. G. Sokolova, A. O. Andreev, Y. A. Nefedyev [Abstract 6057], Poster Location: 96

Dynamic Evolution of the Orbits of 2001YB5 and (356394) 2010QD2 Asteroids, M. G. Sokolova, M. V. Sergienko, Y. A. Nefedyev, A. O. Andreev [Abstract 6059], Poster Location: 97

The Radiants Distribution of the Delta Cancrids Meteoroids, M. G. Sokolova, M. V. Sergienko, A. O. Andreev, Y. A. Nefedyev [Abstract 6060], Poster Location: 98

The Method of Analyzing the Complex of Sporadic mMeteoroids, Y. A. Nefedyev, A. O. Andreev, R. Hudec, O. I. Belkovich, N. Y. Demina [Abstract 6073], Poster Location: 99

Multi-Factor Analysis of Astrophysical Parameters for Circumlunar and Circumsolar Meteoroids and Study of Their Genetic Connections, A. O. Andreev, Y. A. Nefedyev, R. Hudec, N. Y. Demina, S. A. Demin [Abstract 6074], Poster Location: 100

On New Members of Asteroid Clusters Similar to Asteroid Pairs, E. D. Kuznetsov, M. A. Vasileva [Abstract 6192], Poster Location: 101

The Yarkovsky Effect Estimation for Some Asteroid Pairs with Close Orbits, E. D. Kuznetsov, A. E. Rosaev, E. Plavalova [Abstract 6004], Poster Location: 102

The Isodensity Analysis of the Comets, Y. A. Nefedyev, A. O. Andreev [Abstract 6072], Poster Location: 103

Study of the Fractal Properties of Ceres, A. O. Andreev, E. N. Akhmedshina, Y. A. Nefedyev, R. Hudec [Abstract 6075], Poster Location: 104

Asteroid Ryugu: A "Diamond" in the Sky Like Many Other Small Celestial Bodies, G. G. Kochemasov [Abstract 6038], Poster Location: 105

Poster Session: Views of Mars from Meteorites, Analogs and Remote-Sensing
Tue, p.m., Lobby of Conference Hall

Olivine Alteration In Shergottite Northwest Africa 10416, J. D. Piercy, J. C. Bridges, L. J. Hicks, J. L. MacArthur, R. C. Greenwood, I. A. Franchi [Abstract 6394], Poster Location: 114

Carbonates Within Lafayette, J. D. Piercy, J. C. Bridges, L. J. Hicks [Abstract 6408], Poster Location: 115

The Analysis of the Meteoroid Danger on the Earth-Mars Route, O. I. Belkovich, A. O. Andreev, Y. A. Nefedyev [Abstract 6062], Poster Location: 118

Poster Session: Chondrites!
Thu, p.m., Lobby of Conference Hall

Visual Spectrum of Chondrite L6 Ozerki, A. V. Efimov, A. P. Kartashova, A. K. Murtazov [Abstract 6334], Poster Location: 9

Poster Session: Carbonaceous Chondrites: Components, Post-Accretion Histories, and Classification
Thu, p.m., Lobby of Conference Hall

Determination of Petrologic Subtypes of CV3 Chondrites by Raman Spectroscopy, S. T. Yokoyama, K. T. Tait, V. E. Di Cecco, B. C. Hyde [Abstract 6450], Poster Location: 32

Poster Session: Microanalysis of Extraterrestrial Samples and Developments in Advanced Techniques
Thu, p.m., Lobby of Conference Hall

Fusion Crusts of Recent Moroccan Falls: Towards the Identification of Ablation Spherules Among Cosmic Spherules, L. Zennouri, H. Chennaoui Aoudjehane [Abstract 6421], Poster Location: 43

Cosmic Dust in Permian Evaporites, M. S. Glukhov, R. Kh. Sungatullin, R. I. Kadyrov, B. M. Galiullin, E. O. Statsenko [Abstract 6048], Poster Location: 45

Cosmic Microspheres at Boundary of the Kungurian Stage, R. Kh. Sungatullin, G. M. Sungatullina, Yu. P. Balabanov, M. S. Glukhov, L. R. Kosareva, A. I. Bakhtin, A. V. Gusev, D. M. Kuzina [Abstract 6431], Poster Location: 53

Space Events and Evolution of the Conodonts, G. M. Sungatullina, R. Kh. Sungatullin, M. S. Glukhov, A. I. Bakhtin, A. V. Gusev, D. M. Kuzina [Abstract 6444], Poster Location: 54

Acquisition and Display of Ultra High-Resolution Backscattered Electron Images of Meteorite Thin Sections, R. C. Ogliore [Abstract 6437], Poster Location: 61

Liquid Chromatography Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry Study of Synthetic and Chondritic Organic Mixtures, C. Wolters, V. Vuitton, F.-R. Orthous-Daunay, L. Flandinet, C. He, S. Moran, S. Hörst, D. Bekaert, L. Tissandier, B. Marty, L. Piani [Abstract 6186], Poster Location: 70

Meca500 Robotic Arm Developments Towards Astromaterials Curation Applications, T. R. Cowden, C. J. Snead, J. H. Jang, F. M. McCubbin [Abstract 6364], Poster Location: 77

Poster Session: Non-Carbonaceous Chondrites: Components, Post-Accretion Histories, and Classification
Thu, p.m., Lobby of Conference Hall

Specific Heat, Mean Atomic Weight and Relict Temperatures of Bursa L6 Chondrite, R. A. Wach, M. Szurgot, O. Unsalan, C. Altunayar-Unsalan [Abstract 6024], Poster Location: 79

Poster Session: Surface Processes on Airless Bodies
Thu, p.m., Lobby of Conference Hall

Analysis of Space Weathered Itokawa Grains Using FE-K XANES and TEM, L. J. Hicks, J. C. Bridges, T. Noguchi, A. Miyake, J. D. Piercy, A. Hogan [Abstract 6330], Poster Location: 103

Poster Session: 1969: The Year of Japanese Antarctic Meteorites, Apollo 11, Murchison, and Allende
Thu, p.m., Lobby of Conference Hall

Relationship Between Mean Atomic Weight and Iron to Silicon Ratio for Lunar Materials, M. Szurgot [Abstract 6001], Poster Location: 109

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