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Poster Session I: Awardee Poster: Service Award
Tue, p.m., Foyer

Planetary Science Research Discoveries Website, L. M. V. Martel, G. J. Taylor [Abstract 6042], Poster Location: 1

Poster Session I: Asteroids and Comets
Tue, p.m., Foyer

The Study of Non-Gravitational Effects in the Comet Encke Motion, A. O. Andreev, V. S. Usanin, Y. A. Nefedyev [Abstract 6155], Poster Location: 2

Study of the Asteroids and Cometary Structure Using Fractal Analysis, Y. A. Nefedyev, A. O. Andreev, N. K. Demina [Abstract 6192], Poster Location: 4

Analysis of the Main and Small Meteor Showers, M. V. Sergienko, M. G. Sokolova, A. O. Andreev, Y. A. Nefedyev [Abstract 6162], Poster Location: 5

Small Meteor Showers Identification with Near-Earth Asteroids, M. V. Sergienko, M. G. Sokolova, A. O. Andreev, Y. A. Nefedyev [Abstract 6165], Poster Location: 6

Determination of Meteors Belonging to Showers Using the Results of Single-Station Observations with MMT, A. O. Andreev, V. S. Usanin, Y. A. Nefedyev [Abstract 6157], Poster Location: 7

Poster Session I: Carbonaceous Chondrites
Tue, p.m., Foyer

Trend of the Major Primary Oxygen Isotope Reservoirs in the Early Solar Nebula Inferred from Allende CV3 Meteorite, I. Jabeen, A. Ali, M. Kusakabe [Abstract 6081], Poster Location: 15

The Mukundpura CM2 Chondrite — Mineralogical and Magnetic Signature, V. H. Hoffmann, P. Schmitt-Kopplin, K. Wimmer, R. Hochleitner, M. Kaliwoda [Abstract 6060], Poster Location: 17

Poster Session I: Dust from Asteroids and Comets
Tue, p.m., Foyer

First Finds of Space Microspheres in the Evaporites of the Urals Foredeep, Russia, R. Kh. Sungatullin, M. S. Glukhov, B. M. Galiullin, G. M. Sungatullina, A. I. Bakhtin, A. K. Vishnykov, M. S. Vafina, A. V. Gusev, D. M. Kuzina [Abstract 6291], Poster Location: 22

Braking of Meteor Particles in the Atmosphere of the Earth and Creation of Magnetic Microspheres, A. I. Bakhtin, R. Kh. Sungatullin, G. V. Sonin, A. V. Gusev, D. M. Kuzina, G. M. Sungatullina [Abstract 6296], Poster Location: 23

Search for Antarctic Micrometeorites in Blue Ice Field, Lomonosov Mountains, Voltat Massive, Queen Maud Land, East Antarctica, S. A. Bulat, E. S. Bulat, V. I. Grokhovsky, R. F. Muftakhetdinova, R. N. Kolunin, V. A. Tselmovich, S. K. Sekatski, A. A. Smirnov, A. A. Ekaykin, J.-R. Petit [Abstract 6138], Poster Location: 25

Migration of Interplanetary Dust Particles to the Earth and the Moon, S. I. Ipatov [Abstract 6075], Poster Location: 29

Differentiation Processes of Substance in Impact Events, A. I. Bakhtin, R. Kh. Sungatullin, V. A. Tsel’movich, V. G. Bakhmutov, G. M. Sungatullina, A. V. Gusev, D. M. Kuzina [Abstract 6127], Poster Location: 30

Metallic Microspheres of Cosmic and Technogenic Origin, M. S. Glukhov, R. Kh. Sungatullin, B. M. Galiullin, G. M. Sungatullina, A. I. Bakhtin, A. V. Gusev, D. M. Kuzina [Abstract 6202], Poster Location: 31

Poster Session I: Impact Cratering Processes and Dynamics of Small Bodies
Tue, p.m., Foyer

The “Breccia Towers” at the Santa Fe Impact Structure, New Mexico, USA — Primary Impact/Tectonic Breccia Versus Colluvial/Alluvial Deposits?, E. Buchner, M. Schmieder [Abstract 6054], Poster Location: 38

Glass Spherules in Middle Pleistocene Glaciogenic Sediments of W. Croatia, Their Composition and Possible Origin, T. Marjanac, M. Čalogović, S. Fazinić, Lj. Marjanac [Abstract 6195], Poster Location: 49

Poster Session I: Protoplanetary Disk Processes and Chondritic Components: Observations, Theoretical Models, and Experiments
Tue, p.m., Foyer

An Extensive Analysis of Chondrule Textures in Un-Equilibrated Ordinary Chondrites and the Creation of a Chondrule Database, D. Sheikh [Abstract 6047], Poster Location: 67

Structure Anisotropy of Ordinary Chondrites, E. N. Slyuta, A. V. Korochantsev, C. A. Lorents [Abstract 6231], Poster Location: 68

Poster Session I: Special Session: Dedicated to the Famous Meteorite Falls in Russia (Tunguska, Chelyabinsk)
Tue, p.m., Foyer

Magnetometric Search of Chelyabinsk Meteorite’s Main Mass, E. D. Narkhov, V. A. Sapunov, A. V. Sergeev, A. L. Fedorov, L. A. Muravyev [Abstract 6275], Poster Location: 73

The History of UrFU Meteoritic Expeditions, L. A. Muravyev, V. I. Grokhovsky [Abstract 6280], Poster Location: 76

The Use of the D-Criterion Method for the Analysis of Observational Data of Tunguska Event, Y. A. Nefedyev, M. G. Sokolova, A. O. Andreev, M. V. Sergienko, N. Y. Demina [Abstract 6188], Poster Location: 77

Poster Session II: Achondrites
Thu, p.m., Foyer

Lodranites and Lodranites: Recent Finds Demonstrate Wide Mineralogical and Textural Diversity Within the Acapulcoite-Lodranite Parent Body, A. J. Irving, S. M. Kuehner, P. K. Carpenter, K. Ziegler, P. P. Sipiera [Abstract 6287], Poster Location: 5

Poster Session II: Exposure History and Delivery Meteorites from Asteroids
Thu, p.m., Foyer

The Existence of the Groups of Meteorite-Producing Sporadic Fireballs and Meteorites in Cometary Orbits, N. A. Konovalova, N. H. Davruqov [Abstract 6022], Poster Location: 25

Poster Session II: Irons and Stony Irons
Thu, p.m., Foyer

Mineralogy of Inclusion with Silicate-Natrophosphate Immiscibility, Meteorite Elga (IIE), V. V. Sharygin [Abstract 6013], Poster Location: 30

Poster Session II: Mars: Meteorites and Sample Return
Thu, p.m., Foyer

Magnetic Signature of the Miller Range (MIL) Nakhlites, V. H. Hoffmann, M. Funaki, M. Torii [Abstract 6268], Poster Location: 41

Shock-Enhanced Aqueous Alteration of the Nakhlite Miller Range 03346, M. R. Lee, L. Daly, S. Piazolo, L. V. Forman, F. Campanale, P. W. Trimby, R. Baumgarner, G. Benedix [Abstract 6120], Poster Location: 42

High Pressure Excursions in the Matrix of Martian Meteorite Northwest Africa (NWA) 11522, L. Daly, M. R. Lee, B. E. Cohen, J. Cairney, K. Eder, L. Yang, M. A. Cox, A. J. Cavosie [Abstract 6237], Poster Location: 43

Poster Session II: Meteorite Falls and Finds
Thu, p.m., Foyer

Pallas Iron (Pallasite Krasnojarsk) Considered as Part of a Strewn-Field, H. Pedersen [Abstract 6044], Poster Location: 52

Geophysical Methods in the Search for Extraterrestrial Matter, L. A. Muravyev [Abstract 6277], Poster Location: 53

Poster Session II: Physical Properties of Meteorites
Thu, p.m., Foyer

Measuring of Some Basalts Spectra with the Comparison of the Metal Meteorite Spectrum, Andrey K. Murtazov [Abstract 6084], Poster Location: 59

Photoluminescence of Chelyabinsk LL5 Chondrite with Light-Colored Lithology in 7–300 K Temperature Range, A. S. Vokhmintsev, I. A. Weinstein [Abstract 6304], Poster Location: 60

Mean Atomic Weight of L’Aigle Chondrite, M. Szurgot [Abstract 6001], Poster Location: 62

Mean Atomic Weight and Grain Density of Košice Chondrite, M. Szurgot [Abstract 6002], Poster Location: 63

Low Temperature Dependencies of UV Excited Luminescence Spectra for Tsarev Chondrite, I. A. Weinstein, A. S. Vokhmintsev, S. S. Savchenko, V. I. Grokhovsky [Abstract 6319], Poster Location: 65

Poster Session II: Shock Metamorphism
Thu, p.m., Foyer

Impact Origin of the Diamond-Bearing Kumdy-Kol Deposit (N. Kazakhstan), L. I. Tretiakova, A. M. Lyukhin [Abstract 6156], Poster Location: 74

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