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Poster Session: Asteroidal and Cometary Grains – Small is Beautiful
Tue, p.m., Poster Area

The Thermal Decomposition of Micrometeorites from Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy and Comparison with T-Tauri Star Systems, M. D. Suttle, M. J. Genge, S. S. Russell [Abstract 6030], Poster Location: 1

Environmental Control on Antarctic Micrometeorite Preservation State: The Widerøfjellet Mountain Case Study, B. Soens, S. Goderis, S. McKibbin, L. Pittarello, M. Van Ginneken, V. Debaille, P. Claeys [Abstract 6274], Poster Location: 4

Laser-Experiments on Oriented Olivine Crystals: Evidence of Space Weathering, A. Fazio, D. Harries, S. Nolte, G. Matthäus, H. Mutschke, F. Langenhorst [Abstract 6357]

Poster Session: Geochemistry and Petrology of Lunar Samples
Tue, p.m., Poster Area

The Origin and Processing of Magnesian Glass in Lunar Meteorite Northwest Africa 10404, A. Wittmann, R. L. Korotev, S. M. Kuehner, A. J. Irving [Abstract 6025], Poster Location: 14

Poster Session: Impacts I
Tue, p.m., Poster Area

Simulation of Short-Term High-Temperature Impact Processes by Using a High-Energy Laser Beam, M. Ebert, L. Hecht, C. Hamann [Abstract 6382], Poster Location: 24

A Simple Method Enabling Students to Model Impact Cratering from 0° to 90°., J. A. Burgener [Abstract 6439], Poster Location: 29

The Suevite Conundrum: The Ries Suevite and Sudbury Onaping Formation Compared, G. R. Osinski, R. A. F. Grieve, A. Chanou, H. M. Sapers [Abstract 6150], Poster Location: 32

Preparing the 2017 Drilling Campaign at Rochechouart Impact Structure, P. Lambert, S. Goderis, K. V. Hodges, S. Kelley, M. R. Lee, G. R. Jourdan, G. R. Osinski, H. M. Sapers, M. Schmieder, S. Schwenzer, H. Trumel, A. Wittmann [Abstract 6471], Poster Location: 33

The TanDEM-X Digital Elevation Model and the Terrestrial Impact Crater Record, M. Gottwald, T. Fritz, H. Breit, B. Schättler, A. Harris [Abstract 6032], Poster Location: 34

A Hypothesis About the Role of a Reflected Shock Wave in Impact Cratering, O. Bertoglio [Abstract 6113], Poster Location: 38

Poster Session: Impacts II
Tue, p.m., Poster Area

Parent Rock and Secondary Structures in Muong Nong-Type Tektites: In-Situ Melting by a Comet Maser?, E. D. Jensen, A. A. Garde [Abstract 6065], Poster Location: 44

A New Moldavite Sub-Strewn Field in Lower Silesia, Poland, R. Skála, Š. Jonášová, K. Žák, J. Ďurišová, T. Brachaniec, T. Magna [Abstract 6406], Poster Location: 47

Hypothetical Source Crater for Australasian Tektites: Moving from Indochina to Northwest China?, J. Mizera, Z. Řanda, J. Kameník, J. Klokočník, J. Kostelecký [Abstract 6532], Poster Location: 50

Discovery of Possible Meteoritic Matter on Shatter Cones — 2. Clearwater East Impact Structure, Québec, Canada, E. Buchner, M. Schmieder [Abstract 6028], Poster Location: 59

Discovery of Possible Meteoritic Matter on Shatter Cones — 3. Marquez Dome, Texas, USA, M. Schmieder, E. Buchner [Abstract 6029], Poster Location: 60

The Vredefort Pseudotachylytes: A Centennial Reappraisal of S. J. Shand (1916). Shaken, not Stirred by Meteorite Impacting, A. A. Garde, M. B. Klausen [Abstract 6063], Poster Location: 61

Poster Session: Meteorites, How do They get Here, and How do We Collect Them?
Tue, p.m., Poster Area

Lut Desert (Iran) Meteorites: Distribution, Classification and Weathering, H. Pourkhorsandi, P. Rochette, J. Gattacceca, M. D'Orazio, H. Mirnejad [Abstract 6195], Poster Location: 70

New Insights in Preservation of Meteorites in Hot Deserts: The Oldest Hot Desert Meteorite Collection., A. Hutzler, P. Rochette, D. Bourlès, J. Gattacceca, S. Merchel, A. J. T. Jull, M. Valenzuela [Abstract 6159], Poster Location: 77

Poster Session: Special Session: Small Meteorite Impacts – From Atmospheric Entry to Environmental Effects
Tue, p.m., Poster Area

Formation of Vesicles Within the Fusion Crust of Eucritic Meteorites, A. Nicolau-Kuklińska, A. I. Łosiak [Abstract 6424], Poster Location: 101

Thermal Decomposition Rate of MgCO3 as Representative Carbonate in Meteorites, G. Micca Longo, E. Bisceglia, S. Longo [Abstract 6073], Poster Location: 102

On the Possible Influence of Small Impact on Geoengineering Properties of Subsoil, A. Smaga, R. Radaszewski, J. Wierzbicki [Abstract 6142], Poster Location: 110

Poster Session: Special Session: Surface and Interior Dynamics of Meteorite Parent Bodies
Tue, p.m., Poster Area

Effects and Signatures of Thermal and Compositional Mantle Anomalies Induced by Giant Impacts on Mars, T. Ruedas, D. Breuer [Abstract 6179], Poster Location: 117

Poster Session: Achondrites, Stony Irons, and Irons: Early Planetary Processes and Evolution
Thu, p.m., Poster Area

Meteoritic Iron in Javanese Kris Daggers: A Comparative XRF Study Performed on Original Daggers and Newly Forged Test Objects, F. Brandstätter, A. Migliori, S. Visser, G. Giester, D. Topa, S. Kuhnt-Saptodewo, C. Koeberl [Abstract 6168], Poster Location: 9

Poster Session: Chondrites
Thu, p.m., Poster Area

Analogues for Wild2: Carbonaceous Chondrites Shot into Aerogel, L. J. Hicks, J. C. Bridges, J. L. MacArthur, J. E. Wickham-Eade, M. C. Price, M. J. Burchell, A. L. Butterworth, S. H. Baker [Abstract 6428], Poster Location: 36

Mineralogical Composition of the Mexican Ordinary Chondrite Type Meteorite: A Raman, Infrared and XRD Study, M. Ostrooumov [Abstract 6001], Poster Location: 44

El Médano 301: A New Forsterite Chondrite, H. Pourkhorsandi, J. Gattacceca, B. Devouard, M. D'Orazio, P. Rochette, P. Beck, M. Valenzuela, C. Sonzogni [Abstract 6176], Poster Location: 47

Thermophysical Properties of NWA 6255 (L5) Chondrite, K. Łuszczek, R. A. Wach [Abstract 6243], Poster Location: 54

Luminescence Characterization of Bjurböle Meteorite, A. S. Vokhmintsev, E. V. Petrova, I. A. Weinstein, V. I. Grokhovsky, T. Kohout [Abstract 6415], Poster Location: 69

Evidence of Late Heavy Bombardment Signature in H-chondritic Fall of Assam, India, D. Pathak, R. Chakrabarti [Abstract 6388], Poster Location: 75

Poster Session: Developments in Advanced Techniques for Meteorite and Returned Sample Analysis
Thu, p.m., Poster Area

TL/OSL Module for Spectrally Resolved Studies of Radiation Induced Processes in Meteorites, A. S. Vokhmintsev, I. A. Weinstein [Abstract 6108], Poster Location: 76

EURO-CARES Sample Curation Facility: Preliminary Design, A. Hutzler, L. Ferrière, A. Bennett, J. R. Brucato, V. Debaille, L. Folco, A. Longobardo, A. Meneghin, E. Palomba, T. Pottage, C. L. Smith, EURO-CARES Consortium [Abstract 6348], Poster Location: 79

Real-Time Calibration for Rapid Raman Ordinary Chondrite Classification, L. C. Welzenbach [Abstract 6426], Poster Location: 82

Poster Session: Early Solar System Chronology
Thu, p.m., Poster Area

The Search for 60Fe in Secondary Magnetite and Fayalite, P. H. Donohue, G. R. Huss, K. Nagashima, M. Telus [Abstract 6520], Poster Location: 89

Poster Session: Organic Matter in Meteorites: Sources, Distribution, and Evolution
Thu, p.m., Poster Area

Ultrahigh-Resolving Analytics in Meteoritic Soluble Organic Matter, A. R. Ruf, N. H. Hertkorn, M. H. Harir, B. K. Kanawati, M. L. Lucio, E. Q. Quirico, Z. G. Gabelica, R. G. Gougeon, P. S.-K. Schmitt-Kopplin [Abstract 6394], Poster Location: 103

Poster Session: Small Bodies: Comets, Asteroids, and the Moon
Thu, p.m., Poster Area

A Rare Chance to Observe a Centimeters Scale Cross-Cutting Rippling on the Lunar Surface: The Chang'e-3 Landing Place on the Mare Imbrium, G. G. Kochemasov [Abstract 6092], Poster Location: 111

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