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The Meteoroids 2022 Conference will be held virtually on June 13–17, 2022.

The Meteoroids 2022 Conference will be held virtually on June 13–17, 2022.

The Meteoroids 2022 local organizing committee has closely watched ongoing developments of the COVID-19 pandemic and met to reconsider in-person delivery in Huntsville, Alabama. Given the recent sharp increase in positive cases and the unpredictable appearance of new variants, the committee has decided to shift the conference from in-person to fully virtual. Although it is disappointing not to be able to meet in person, the health and safety of all participants is our top priority.

We look forward to planning a successful conference and to seeing you virtually! Details will be available soon.

Purpose and Scope

Meteoroids 2022 is the eleventh international conference in a triennial series of meetings on meteoroids, their origins, and their associated phenomena. Past meetings have featured a combination of invited and contributed talks and posters covering topics such as meteor observational techniques, meteorite recoveries, meteoroid stream dynamics, ablation physics and airbursts, impacts on airless bodies, the production of dust and meteoroids by asteroids and comets, space missions, and spacecraft anomalies.

The conference will accommodate a broad range of scientific topics of meteoroid research, including:

  • Meteoroid sources
  • Future methods and techniques
  • Meteor physics and chemistry
  • Influx of interplanetary and interstellar material
  • Dynamical evolution
  • Planetary defense
  • Composition and physical properties
  • Dust particles and clouds in the solar system and beyond
  • Meteoroid impact physics and meteorite recoveries
  • In-situ experiments and spacecraft anomalies
  • Impacts on planets/surfaces
  • Sample-return material
  • Laboratory studies
  • Orbital debris, specifically re-entry modeling
  • Meteoroid streams from asteroid mining

Code of Conduct

The LPI is committed to providing a harassment-free experience for participants regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, religion, or other protected status. While attending the meeting or any related ancillary or social events, participants should not engage in harassment in any form. All participants are expected to behave according to professional standards and in accordance with their employers’ policies on appropriate workplace behavior.

To report issues or concerns, contact LPI management at USRA-LPI Meetings Code of Conduct.

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