Media Policy

Blog, post, and tweet highlights of any conference using the official conference hashtag. We welcome social media use as a way of sharing scientific findings with your social networks.

Social Media Guidelines
  • Use the official conference hashtag on all postings.
  • Maintain professional courtesy in all postings associated with the conference hashtag.
  • Respect copyright and intellectual property right laws (i.e., do not capture an entire presentation on video and post it without the presenter’s explicit consent).
  • Refrain from using photos, screenshots, audio, or video recording devices in all oral sessions. Refer to the Photography Policy for complete details.
Working Press

Media credentials entitle journalists and public information officers from space-science-related organizations to access all scientific sessions for the purpose of covering the conference. Having access does not imply “permission” to report or discuss subjects.

As a professional courtesy, USRA/LPI asks that members of the media discuss any research of interest with the authors before publishing stories regarding their work as a means of ensuring that authors’ works are accurately represented and cited. Members of the working press are expected to adhere to this professional, ethical standard.

No presenters at the meeting are eligible to attend as working press. However, complimentary media registrations are approved on a case-by-case basis, and those registering as working press should expect to verify that they are not attending as a presenter.

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