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Martian Geological Enigmas: From the Late Noachian Epoch
to the Present Day

October 5–8, 2020
Houston, Texas


The Enigma Workshop is trans-chronological and encourages the participation of planetary scientists whose work has unearthed or addressed quandaries relating to Mars' atmosphere, surface/near-surface, and/or interior across the ages.

Examples of enigmatic topics include:
Warm vs. ice-covered vs. no ocean (late Hesperian/Noachian Epochs)
Outflow channel origin, fluvial or volcanic? (Noachian/early Amazonian Epochs)
Debris flows, dry, wet or both (mid- to late-Amazonian Epochs)
Atmospheric methane, endogenic vs. exogenic origin, biotic or abiotic (recent/current)?

Oral and poster presentation abstracts will be solicited with the enigmas clearly identified. The meeting format will include theme-based sessions with extended periods of time allocated for discussion.

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