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January is peak tourist season in southern Argentina. Participants are strongly advised to book their flights at least three months in advance to secure their spots.

Getting to Ushuaia:

International flights will fly into Buenos Aires international airport in Ezeiza (EZE).

From Buenos Aires, there are frequent flights to Ushuaia that depart either from the same airport (EZE) or from Aeroparque Jorge Newbery (AEP), which is about 1 to 1.5 hours away by taxi or ride-share apps (traffic-dependent). If your flight to Ushuaia departs from AEP, make sure to give yourself a long enough layover to account for the time needed to go through immigrations, customs, and then transfer to AEP by taxi (4 hour layover or longer is recommended). Many taxi companies in the airport offer this service for about ARS 1300 (~USD 20). An example is Taxi Ezeiza, which you can book online and will provide a receipt (when browsing these sites, note that the $ sign is the same for Argentine Pesos as for US dollars, so “$1000” refers to pesos not US dollars). Alternatively, if your schedule allows, this could be a good opportunity to stay for a day or two in Buenos Aires for tourism or perhaps enjoy local “parrilla” and an “alfajor” during a long layover. For information on Buenos Aires city, click here:  https://turismo.buenosaires.gob.ar/en

For flights within the Patagonia Region, there are two large airlines flying regularly:  LATAM Airlines and Aerolíneas Argentinas. If not booking flights through a travel agency, we recommend that participants book their flights from their home location to Buenos Aires through the airline of their choice, and then separately book the national flights within Argentina with one of these airlines, as this will show all of the flight options available and will save some cost.

For Post-Conference Field Trip Participants:

Please be sure to book your airline tickets with as much time in advance as possible. Your trip will need to include the leg from Ushuaia to El Calafate for the field trip. This is a common route for tourists, so it is usually cheaper to buy a loop, as follows:

Your full trip will be Buenos Aires–Ushuaia–El Calafate–Buenos Aires. There is no need to fly back to Ushuaia after the end of the field trip, as this will add cost.

When booking your flight you must consider the following dates:

  • January 12 (or earlier, at your discretion):  Flight Buenos Aires–Ushuaia (USH). There are flights leaving from both the international (EZE - Ezeiza) and domestic (AEP - Aeroparque) airports in Buenos Aires. Arrival and accommodation in Ushuaia. Conference until January 17. 
  • January 12–January 17:  Conference in Ushuaia
  • January 18:  Flight Ushuaia (USH)–El Calafate (FTE). Arrival in El Calafate, beginning of post-conference trip, which goes on until January 22.
  • January 22: Return to El Calafate. ETA will be whatever time is necessary for the person with the earliest flight out to Buenos Aires on that day to be able to make their flight. There are eight flights from El Calafate to Buenos Aires (EZE and/or AEP), the earliest one leaving around 9:30 a.m. If anyone is on that flight, the field trip bus would depart El Chaltén at 5:00 a.m. and drop those participants off directly at the airport. All other participants can be dropped off either at the airport or in the town center, depending on their preference. This will be the end of the field trip. When purchasing flights, remember to allow yourself enough time in Buenos Aires to catch your international flight back to your country, which will leave from EZE. If your flight from El Calafate to Buenos Aires leaves after January 22, you will need to book accommodation for the number of nights that you plan to stay there after the field trip itinerary is over, as these will not be included in the field trip logistics. Please be sure to do so with enough time in advance.


Ushuaia is serviced by Aeropuerto de Ushuaia-Malvinas Argentinas (8 km/5 miles from the conference venue). Taxis are available at the airport.

Visa Requirements

Nationals of MERCOSUR countries and most of South America can enter Argentina with their DNI and/or passport and do not require a visa.

Nationals of the United States, Canada (see below), most Western European countries, Australia, and New Zealand do not need a visa to visit Argentina. Upon arrival, most visitors get a 90-day stamp on their passport.

Citizens from some countries (including Canada) must pay a reciprocity fee (tasa de reciprocidad) before arriving in Argentina. Ideally, you'll be reminded of this when you buy your airplane ticket. This fee is equal to what Argentinians are charged for visas to visit those countries. You'll need to pay this fee online via credit card; see https://cnyor.cancilleria.gob.ar/en/node/1759 and click on Reciprocity Fee. Fees are US$78 for Canadians (good until one month before your passport expires). Check current regulations as rules can change quickly.

See the following websites for more details on the visa policy of Argentina:


This international conference is assigned NCTS #39128-20. The close date for forecasts is October 3, 2019.

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