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Seventh International Conference on Mars Polar Science and Exploration

January 13-17, 2020
Centro Austral de Investigaciones Científicas, Ushuaia, Argentina


The Seventh International Conference on Mars Polar Science and Exploration is the latest in a continuing series of conferences intended to promote the exchange of knowledge and ideas regarding the polar regions of Mars. This group is international and interdisciplinary, and we welcome any scientist with relevant experience.

This conference is designed to pull together the current state of Mars polar research from many fields, including geology, atmospheric, and climate science. Primarily, the aim is to focus on advancements since the Sixth Conference, and attendees will have the opportunity to share their advancements with like-minded colleagues. Additionally, several optional field trips before, after, and during the conference will highlight the beauty of Patagonia and its relevance to martian analogs.

Other topics of interest will include terrestrial analogs and current and future missions to investigate the martian poles. With the goal of fully understanding the polar environments on Mars, we will synthesize outstanding questions and developments in a publication dedicated to the results of this conference.

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