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Workshop Format

The workshop will begin with a series of invited plenary talks to be followed by a series of breakout panels. Each participant will indicate their choice of a breakout panel on their registration form. Each breakout panel will have a moderator and a recorder. During these breakout sessions, all participants, regardless of their assigned method of presentation, are encouraged to contribute, as all community input is essential to the positive outcome of these sessions.

The plenary talks and breakout sessions will cover the following subject areas:

  • The characteristics, composition, and electrical properties of Mars atmospheric dust
  • The impact of Mars atmospheric dust on human health
  • The impact of Mars atmospheric dust on surface mechanical systems and surface operations

Invited Plenary Speakers

Dr. Richard W. Zurek ,Jet Propulsion Laboratory
The Seasonal, Latitudinal, and Altitudinal Distribution of Atmospheric Dust on Mars
Dr. Douglas W. Ming, NASA Johnson Space Center
The Composition and Chemistry of Mars Atmospheric Dust
Dr. Torin McCoy, NASA Johnson Space Center
The Impact of Mars Atmospheric Dust on Human Health
Dr. William M. Farrell, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Dust and the Atmospheric Electric Field of Mars
Dr. Chantel Darquenne, University of California, San Diego
Reduced Gravity and Aerosol Deposition in the Human Lung
Ms. Michelle A. Rucker, NASA Johnson Space Center
Dust Storm Impacts on Human Mars Mission Equipment and Operations
Dr. Steve Hoffman, NASA Johnson Space Center
Human Mars Mission Overview and Dust Storm Impacts on Site Selection
Dr. Michael Hecht, MIT Haystack Observatory
MOXIE, ISRU, and the History of In Situ Studies of the Hazards of Dust in Human Exploration of Mars


Meeting Schedule

    Tuesday, June 13

    Opening Plenary Session; Breakout Panels

    Wednesday, June 14

    Breakout Panels; Plenary Session; Poster Session and Reception

    Thursday, June 15

    Plenary Session; Breakout Panels; Plenary Session (Wrap-Up)

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