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Final Announcement

Meeting Location and Dates

The Dust in the Atmosphere of Mars and Its Impact on Human Exploration workshop will be held June 13–15, 2017 at the Lunar and Planetary Institute, Universities Space Research Association (USRA), 3600 Bay Area Blvd, Houston, Texas 77058.

Please read the important information about parking on the “Logistics” page.

Purpose and Scope

The workshop will bring together a very diverse group of scientists and engineers, e.g., Mars scientists, engineers, mission architects, mission planners, experts in human health, and Mars surface mechanical systems (e.g., space suits, human habitats, mobility systems) to assess the impact of Mars atmospheric dust on the human exploration of Mars.

The workshop will address the following questions:

  • Identification of the status of current knowledge in each of the workshop subject areas (see list of workshop subject areas below).
  • Identification of gaps in our knowledge.
  • Needed experiments and measurements to fill in the gaps of knowledge prior to the first human landing on Mars.
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