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Lunar Surface 23 Agenda

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Thursday, May 23, 2024, 11:00 AM

Programmatic Perspectives
11:00 AM
Nicky Fox, Cathy Koerner, Spuds Vogel
Welcome Panel Discussion
11:15 AM
Moderated Q&A
11:30 AM
Nujoud Merancy
Moon to Mars Objectives and Architecture Definition
11:40 AM
Michael Sarafin
Artemis III Progress
11:50 AM
Jake Bleacher
Moon to Mars Utilization Strategy and Implementation
12:00 PM
12:10 PM
Tamra George
Artemis Landing Site Update
12:20 PM
Tim Hall
Mobility Update
12:30 PM
Logan Kennedy
HLS Update
12:40 PM
12:50 PM
Artemis Science Updates
1:10 PM
Joel Kearns
1:20 PM
Jamie Favors
Heliophysics Update
1:30 PM
Laurie Abadie
HRP Update
1:40 PM
Kevin Sato
BPS Update
1:50 PM
Sarah Noble
PSD Update
2:00 PM
Ryan Watkins
SPA Sample Return SDT
2:10 PM
Moderated Q&A
2:20 PM
Community Updates
2:25 PM
Benjamin Greenhagen
Lunar Exploration Analysis Group Update
2:35 PM
Timothy Glotch
LEAG Science Goals Update
2:40 PM
Jessica Barnes, Sarah Valencia
ExMAG/LEAG Lunar Samples Specific Action Team Update
3:00 PM
Erica Jawin
International Lunar Year
3:05 PM
Brent Archinal
Lunar Reference Frame Update
3:15 PM
Robin Fergason
NASA Lunar Reference Frame Working Group Update
3:25 PM
Jay Laura
Lunar Spatial Data Infrastructure Working Group Update
3:35 PM
Moderated Q&A
3:45 PM
Artemis Mission Science Updates
3:55 PM
Noah Petro
Artemis II Observing Objectives
4:05 PM
Noah Petro
Artemis III Science Team Update
4:10 PM
Mehdi Benna, Christine Escobar, Hideaki Miyamoto
Artemis III Deployed Instrument Introductions
4:25 PM
Stephen Merkowitz
Next Generation Lunar Retroreflector
4:30 PM
Kevin Sato
4:35 PM
Cindy Evans
Astronaut Geology Training Update
4:45 PM
Juliane Gross
Artemis Curation Lead Update
4:55 PM
Moderated Q&A
5:10 PM
Sarah Noble
Closing Remarks
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