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Lunar Surface Science Workshop Original Intent and Themes

The intent of the workshop is to provide an open forum for the presentation, discussion, and consideration of various concepts, options, capabilities, and innovations to advance scientific discovery on the lunar surface. Discussions will cover a multitude of science disciplines including planetary science (with field geology), astrophysics, Earth observations, heliophysics, and fundamental space biology and human health and performance.

Overarching cross-cutting themes to be discussed include:

  • Which locations within 6° of the south pole are the highest priority to be visited by crew and why?
  • The value of mobility in enhancing the scientific return
  • Infrastructure that enables scientific exploration
  • How best to engage the scientific community and the public

The program includes parallel sessions representing each science discipline, with presentations and discussion periods covering the appropriate cross-cutting themes. These sessions will be followed by a series of plenary sessions for each cross-cutting theme, which will summarize the results from the different science groups.

A summary report will be delivered to NASA and made available to the general community following the workshop.


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