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Virtual Session 17: Defining a Coordinated Lunar Resource Evaluation Campaign
June 27, 2022

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Theme 2: Measurements Needed for Resource Evaluation
Mon, a.m., Oral Session One

Ground-Penetrating Radar as a Tool for Prospecting Buried Lunar Ice, E. S. Shoemaker, D. M. H. Baker, J. A. Richardson, L. M. Carter, K. E. Young, P. L. Whelley, N. Schmerr, L. Wike, J. Coonan, S. Kruse [Abstract 5045]

In Situ Measurements of Permanently Shadowed Regions Needed to Develop Icy Simulants, H. M. Sargeant, K. Šļumba, J. Long-Fox, P. Easter, D. Britt [Abstract 5012]

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