Save the Date!

February 11–13, 2020
Houston, Texas

With the U.S. planning a new series of human missions to the Moon, a new workshop focusing on “The Impact of Lunar Dust on Human Exploration” will be hosted at the USRA Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) in Houston, Texas on February 11–13, 2020.

Workshop attendees will participate in one of three panels:

  • Panel 1 – Lunar Dust: Nature and Characteristics
  • Panel 2 – The Impact of Lunar Dust on Human Health
  • Panel 3 – The Impact of Lunar Dust on Human Surface Systems and Surface Operations

Abstracts will be solicited for presentations and panel discussions.

The results from the first workshop, Dust in the Atmosphere of Mars and Its Impact on Human Exploration, were reported in a workshop proceedings volume, titled "Dust in the Atmosphere of Mars and Its Impact on Human Exploration," edited by Joel S. Levine, Daniel Winterhalter and Russell L. Kerschmann, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK, 293 pages, 2018 and in a NASA Engineering and Safety Center (NESC) report (NASA/TM-2018-220084/NESC-RP-17-01263) and has resulted in this follow-up workshop .

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