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Lucy Mission: Results of the Encounter with the Main Belt Asteroid Dinkinesh

Wednesday, March 13, 2024, 2:15 PM
Waterway Ballroom 5

Hal Levison Levison
Hannah Kaplan
Pranvera Hyseni
2:15 PM
Session Introduction
2:20 PM
Levison H. F.* Marchi S. Noll K. S. Spencer J. R. Statler T. Lucy Science Team 
An Overview of NASA Lucy Misson’s Encounter with the Main Belt Asteroid Dinkinesh [#1668]
We will present on overview of Lucy’s encounter with (152830) Dinkinesh.
2:30 PM
Preusker F.* Mottola S. Matz K.-D. Levison H. F. Marchi S. Noll K. S. et al.
Shape Model of Asteroid (152830) Dinkinesh from Photogrammetric Analysis of Lucy’s Frame Camera L’LORRI [#1903]
From images acquired during the Lucy spacecraft closest approach of the (152830) asteroid Dinkinesh, we have generated a surface model using stereo-photogrammetric analysis.
2:40 PM
Bierhaus E. B.* Marchi S. Sunshine J. Emery J. Robbins S. J. Bell J. F. et al.
Dinkinesh Structure and Evolutionary Clues from Lucy Flyby Data [#2305]
We describe characteristics of Dinkinesh that provide clues to the mechanism(s) responsible for its current state, and the history of the Dinkinesh/Selam system.
2:50 PM
Marchi S.* Bierhaus B. Robbins S. Marschall R. Deienno R. Bottke W. F. et al.
3:00 PM
Panel Q&A
3:20 PM
Spencer J. R.* Levison H. F. Marchi S. Noll K. S. Bierhaus E. B. Mottola S. et al.
Selam: The Remarkable Satellite of (152830) Dinkinesh [#2388]
Moon of Dinkinesh / Why are you so strange, Selam? / Lucy spills the beans.
3:30 PM
Noll K. S.* Spencer J. R. Mottola S. Buie M. Levison H. Marchi S. et al.
Dynamical Properties of the Dinkinesh-Selam Binary [#1943]
Dynamical and physical properties of the Dinkinesh-Selam binary are derived from measurements obtained from groundbased facilities and during the Lucy flyby. These properties are compared to similar systems from the NEA and MBA populations.
3:40 PM
Robbins S. J.* Bierhaus E. B. Sunshine J. M. Bottke W. F. Marchi S. Spencer J. R. et al.
The Boulder Population on Asteroid (152830) Dinkinesh and Dinkinesh I Selam Based on the 2023 Lucy Flyby [#2638]
We will present initial results from the Lucy encounter with Dinkinesh to examine boulder populations on Dinkinesh and Selam, and we will place them in context with boulder populations measured on other small bodies.
3:50 PM
Buie M. W.* Spencer J. R. Mottola S. Levison H. Noll K. Lucy Science Team 
Interpretation of the Disk-Integrated Lightcurve of the Dinkinesh System as Observed by Lucy [#2105]
We present disk-integrated photometry taken by Lucy before and after its flyby with (152830) Dinkinesh on 2023 Nov. 1 to reveal rotation periods for the two-component system and constraints on rotation and orbit poles.
4:00 PM
Panel Q&A
4:20 PM
Mottola S.* Preusker F. Weaver H. A. Sunshine J. M. Robbins S. J. Marchi S. et al.
Photometric Properties of (152830) Dinkinesh from Disk-Resolved Imaging [#2119]
In this paper we present the results of the photometric modeling of the surface of (152830) Dinkinesh from L’LORRI resolved imaging.
4:30 PM
Christensen P. R.* Hamilton V. E. Emery J. P. Rozitis B. Jackson S. L. Anwar S. et al.
Lucy Thermal Emission Spectrometer (L'TES) Temperature Observations of Dinkinesh [#1384]
The Lucy L’TES thermal IR spectrometer successfully acquired whole-disk spectra of Dinkinesh during the Nov. 2023 flyby. The L’TES whole-disk temperatures of Dinkinesh will be used to determine the asteroid’s thermal inertia.
4:40 PM
Simon A. A.* Reuter D. C. Montanaro M. Kaplan H. H. Lunsford A. W. Sunshine J. M. et al.
Near-Infrared Imaging Spectroscopy of Asteroid (152830) Dinkinesh by the Lucy Mission [#1359]
Little Dinkinesh / Binary S-type object / Near-IR first look.
4:50 PM
Kaplan H. H.* Simon A. A. Reuter D. C. Howett C. Sunshine J. M. Binzel R. P. et al.
Multi-Spectral Imaging Observations of Asteroid (152830) Dinkinesh by the Lucy Mission [#1474]
We analyzed three images taken with the Lucy mission’s Multi-spectral Visible and Infrared Camera (MVIC) during the spacecraft encounter with asteroids Dinkinesh and Selam; visible and near-infrared color of the system is discussed.
5:00 PM
Panel Q&A
5:20 PM
Session Closure