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Environmental and Operational Analogs: From the Moon to Saturn Here on Earth

Wednesday, March 13, 2024, 8:20 AM
Waterway Ballroom 6

Laura Kerber
Amanda Steckel
Chimira Andres
8:20 AM
Session Introduction
8:25 AM
Lemelin M.* Williamson M.-C. Léveillé R. Aoid H. Belleau-Magnat G. Brassard E. et al.
Compositional, Biological and Spectral Investigations of Reactive Gossans in the Canadian Arctic as Analogues for Mars [#1561]
We confirm that reactive gossans consist in iron-rich aqueous environments that provide a habitable setting for primitive forms of life. Similar formations could be found on Mars and consist in promising targets for preserved organic biosignatures.
8:35 AM
Hensley S.* Horn R. Smrekar S. Nunes D. Kellar M. Jaeger M. et al.
DLR F-SAR Observations of Venus Analog Sites in the 2023 Iceland Analog Field Campaign [#1137]
VERITAS will employ a X-band radar data in its of science investigations. DLR has an airborne radar system that simultaneously collects data at S and X-bands that were used in a Venus analog Iceland campaign in 2023 to aid VERITAS investigations.
8:45 AM
Johantges A. D.* Hiesinger H. Schmedemann N. Baker D. M. H. Shoemaker E. S. Hauber E. et al.
Morphology and Subsurface Structure of Sorted Stone Circles in Svalbard, Norway — An Analog Study for Mars [#2611]
Investigating Sorted Stone Circles and the subsurface using airborne imagery and ground penetrating radar in Svalbard, Norway as an analog to understanding similar periglacial landforms and structure on Mars.
8:55 AM
Leal M. A.* Tovar D. de Pablo M. A. Bonilla M. A. Leone G. Tchegliakova N. et al.
The Potential of Deception Island (Antarctica) as a Martian Analogue of Astrobiological Interest [#1544]
Deception Island, Antarctica, is explored as a multifunctional martian analogue for astrobiological research. Geological, geomicrobiological, and manned mission evaluations were conducted. Preliminary results support Deception Island’s potential as a Mars analogue.
9:05 AM
Panel Q&A
9:25 AM
Kodikara G. R. L.* McHenry L. J. Hynek B. M. Njau J. K.
Mapping Paleolacustrine Deposits with a UAV-Borne Multispectral Camera: Implications for Future Drone Mapping on Mars [#1736]
We explored the capabilities of multispectral drone images for identifying and mapping Mars analog paleolake deposit in Lake Natron, Tanzania.
9:35 AM
Steckel A. V.* Clark R. N. Prettyman T. H. Kumari N. Meier M. L. Pearson N. C. et al.
Mineral Identification Using Tetracorder During the TREX Field Campaign [#2793]
This work shows results from the TREX field campaign in Yellowcat, Utah, from mineral identification using a tripod mounted hyperspectral imager.
9:45 AM
King W. E.* Zanetti M. R. Hayward E. G. Miller K. A. Whetsel C. J.
Caves as Terrestrial Analogs for Mapping and Exploration in Planetary Surface and Subsurface Environments [#2686]
Caves have provided the KNaCK team with a challenging and relevant environment in which to demonstrate the utility of mobile LiDAR as a tool for characterizing and studying planetary environments.
9:55 AM
Gonzales N. R.* Hardgrove C. J.
Adapting Terrestrial Hydrology Methods for Passive Planetary Neutron Spectroscopy Analog Field Experiments [#2738]
Where is the water? / In the grains or between them? / On the Earth, Moon, or Mars?
10:05 AM
Panel Q&A
10:25 AM
Sheevam P.* Calvin W. M. Bristow T.
Lanai Geothermal Drilling: Preliminary Insights into a Promising Terrestrial Analog for Carbonate Formation on Mars [#2207]
A geothermal well in Hawaii is utilized for a Mars analog. The Lanai core exhibits pervasive carbonates and can be used to understand subsurface alteration in basalts. This project is the only deep subsurface analog to Mars in planetary literature.
10:35 AM
Bush J. C.* Zhang Y. Caporale J. D. Ewing R. C. Fisher K. R. Fulcher E. et al.
Relating Geotechnical Properties of Crusty Regolith to Morphology and Mineralogy Using a Robotic Leg Rheometer [#1798]
Our research uses a robotic leg sensor to examine Mars-like surface crusts at White Sands, NM. We analyze crust morphology, mineralogy, and geotechnical properties, revealing crucial insights into regolith strength.
10:45 AM
Morse Z. R.* Scheidt S. Hudziak S. Graff T. Richardson J. Whelley P. et al.
10:55 AM
Goodwin A.* Hammet M. Harris M.
Logistical Considerations for Astronaut Traverses and Geological Data Collection from Meili-I: The UK’s First High Fidelity Planetary Exploration Analogue Astronaut Mission [#1030]
We present findings from logistical strategies employed during the 2023 Meili-I field simulation. Data from collected GPS tracks allowed statistical estimation of traverse speed and time spent on geological activities.
11:05 AM
Panel Q&A
11:25 AM
Session Closure