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To Bennu and Back 2

Wednesday, March 13, 2024, 8:20 AM
Waterway Ballroom 5

Sarah Crowther
Gerardo Dominguez
Andy Ryan
8:20 AM
Session Introduction
8:25 AM
Franchi I. A.* Greenwood R. C. Malley J. Barnes J. J. Nguyen A. N. Connolly H. C. et al.
Bulk Oxygen Isotope Composition of Aggregate Samples from Asteroid Bennu Returned by OSIRIS-REx [#1653]
Bulk high precision oxygen isotope measurement of fine and intermediate particle fractions of Bennu returned by OSIRIS-REx reveal an isotopic composition that has similarities to CI and CY chondrites, as well as material returned by Hayabusa2.
8:35 AM
Haenecour P.* Barnes J. J. Smith L. R. Hills D. Bloch E. Zega T. J. et al.
Search for Presolar Materials and Isotopically Anomalous Diffuse Insoluble Organic Matter in Samples from Asteroid 101955 Bennu [#1134]
We report on our ongoing in-situ search for presolar grains (silicates, oxides, SiC, and graphites) and isotopically anomalous insoluble organic matter in samples from asteroid 101955 Bennu returned by the NASA OSIRIS-REx mission.
8:45 AM
King A. J.* Tu V. Schofield P. F. Najorka J. Russell S. S. Bates H. C. et al.
The Mineralogy of Asteroid Bennu: First Results from X-Ray Powder Diffraction of Returned Samples [#1109]
Analysis by X-ray diffraction indicates that samples returned from the carbonaceous asteroid Bennu consist of abundant phyllosilicates and minor magnetite and anhydrous silicates, in good agreement with spacecraft observations of the sample site.
8:55 AM
Clemett S. J.* Thomas-Keprta K. L. Le L. Keller L. P. Glavin D. P. Dworkin J. P. et al.
Organic Matter in "Quick-Look" Returned Samples Revealed by Coordinated UV Fluorescence, SEM-EDX, and Two-Step Laser Mass Spectrometry [#1484]
We report on the nature and composition of organics in Bennu “quick-look” samples using coordinated UV fluorescence, two-step laser mass spectrometry, and scanning electron microscopy with energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy.
9:05 AM
Panel Q&A
9:25 AM
Mojarro A.* Aponte J. C. Dworkin J. P. Glavin D. P. Elsila J. E. Connolly H. C. et al.
Early OSIRIS-REx Mission Results from Standard and Wet Chemistry Pyrolysis of Samples Returned from Asteroid Bennu [#1219]
Here we present early mission results from pyrolysis–gas chromatography–triple-quadrupole mass spectrometry (py-GC-QqQ-MS) used to characterize Bennu’s bulk organic composition.
9:35 AM
Gainsforth Z.* Sandford S. A. Marcus M. A. Dominguez G. Keller L. P. Zega T. J. et al.
Iron Oxidation State in Bennu as Revealed by X-ray Absorption Near-Edge Structure Spectroscopy [#1150]
We measure variations in the oxidation state of Fe using Fe-L XANES, which can elucidate aqueous alteration conditions of Bennu’s parent body.
9:45 AM
Schmitt-Kopplin Ph.* Liss M. Harir M. Glavin D. P. Dworkin J. P. Connolly H. C. et al.
Non-Targeted Ultrahigh Resolution Mass Spectrometry of Soluble Organic Molecules in Sample Returned from Asteroid Bennu [#1239]
The goals of this SOM analysis using mass spectrometry were to nontarget profile organic compounds from the OSIRIS REx samples, to evaluate possible alteration processes that may have occurred on Bennu such as temperature and shock stresses, water alteration.
9:55 AM
Marty B.* Zimmermann L. Füri E. Bekaert D.  V. Barnes J. J. Nguyen A. N. et al.
Noble Gases in Individual Particles from Bennu: Investigating the Origin of Gas-Rich Asteroidal Material [#2129]
We report noble gas data obtained on particles from asteroid Bennu. Variations of neon isotope ratios indicate mixing between trapped solar-like Ne and an end-member component rich in presolar material.
10:05 AM
Panel Q&A
10:25 AM
Milliken R. E.* Hiroi T. Schultz C. D. Hamilton V. E. Kaplan H. Cloutis E. A. et al.
Reflectance Spectra of Bennu Samples in the 3 Micrometer Region: Initial Results from RELAB and Implications for Remote Sensing of Primitive Asteroids [#1573]
Initial laboratory near-/mid-infrared reflectance spectra of returned particulate Bennu material, collected at the NASA/Brown RELAB facility, will be presented and discussed, with implications for asteroid processes.
10:35 AM
Ballouz R.-L.* Ryan A. J. Macke R. J. Aebersold J. Asphaug E. Barnouin O. S. et al.
Investigating the Physical Modification of the Bennu Sample During Entry, Descent, and Landing [#2346]
We investigate the artificial physical modification of the Bennu sample due to stresses that Bennu sample accumulated during the OSIRIS-REx SRC’s entry, descent, and landing.
10:45 AM
Hoover C. G.* Jardine K. J. Ryan A. J. Sanchez P. Biele J. Ballouz R-L. et al.
Bennu Sample Physical Properties from Multi-Scale Measurements of Strength and Indentation Hardness [#2480]
Mechanical tests / Indentation and splitting / To Bennu and back!
10:55 AM
Timms N. E.* Rickard W. D. A. Barnes J. J. Bland P. A. Saxey D. W. Jourdan F. et al.
Salty Bennu: Halite and Sylvite in Fines Returned by OSIRIS-REx [#1743]
Halite and sylvite may shed light on whether the initial constituents of Bennu were inherited from the protosolar molecular cloud, formed and altered in the protoplanetary disk, or are an indicator of hydrothermal alteration of Bennu’s parent body.
11:05 AM
Panel Q&A
11:25 AM
Session Closure