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Martian Magmatism and Meteorites (MMM)

Wednesday, March 13, 2024, 8:20 AM
Waterway Ballroom 4

Chris Herd
Amanda Ostwald
Sierra Ramsey
8:20 AM
Session Introduction
8:25 AM
Vayrac F.* Avice G. Ferrière L. Hoefnagels B. Barrat J.-A.
Noble Gases in Northwest Africa 12323 Shergottite: Trapped Martian Atmosphere and Cosmic Ray Exposure Ages [#1487]
This study was based on the study of samples of shergottite NWA 12323, with the aim of detecting a martian atmospheric noble gas component. The study also determined a cosmic ray exposure time of 3.2 Ma.
8:35 AM
Ostwald A. M.* Udry A. Day J. M. D. Gross J. Griffin S.
8:45 AM
Motta G.* Ramsey S. Udry A. Traylor T. K. Davidson J. Gross J. et al.
Constraining the Petrogenesis of Monomineralic Clasts Within the Martian Polymict Breccia Northwest Africa 7034 [#1637]
Melt inclusions within monomineralic clasts in the Northwest Africa 7034 breccia can help define the parental melt composition(s) of magmas formed during early Mars history.
8:55 AM
Agee C. B.* Ross A. J. Spilde M. N. Ziegler K.
Hassi el Madani 002: Ungrouped Polymict Achondrite with Two Distinct Oxygen Isotope Lithologies [#2074]
Hassi el Madani 002 is an ungrouped polymict achondrite. Two distinct lithologies are present, one has oxygen isotopes that plot within the martian meteorite (SNC) array, whereas the other has oxygen isotopes that plot within the LL chondrite field.
9:05 AM
Panel Q&A
9:25 AM
Herd C. D. K.* Tornabene L. L. Lagain A. Benedix G. K. Sheen A. I. Johnson B. C. et al.
The Source Craters of the Martian Meteorites: Insights from a Multi-Method Approach [#2044]
Where meteorites / Are ejected from Mars / No longer a mystery.
9:35 AM
Chatterjee A. P.* Huber C. Head J. W. Bachmann O.
The Role of Martian Crustal Magmatism Behind the Development of Polybaric Intra-Crustal Discontinuities [#1049]
Numerical models reveal that differences in active timescales of shallow and deep martian crustal magma chambers played a vital role in forming the 20-km discontinuity detected by the InSight lander, the depth being controlled by crustal rheology.
9:45 AM
Duncan M. S.* King S. D. Weller M. B.
On the Existence of a Silicate Liquid Layer at the Base of the Martian Mantle [#2699]
Base of Mars’ mantle / Liquid layer possible? / Can’t be silicate.
9:55 AM
Steele S. C.* Fu R. R. Day J. M. D.
Modeling Magnetic Mineralogy of Melted Martian Mantle to Test Timing of Dynamo Termination [#2120]
Missing magnetite / Masquerades as dynamo’s / Death? Make melt models!
10:05 AM
Panel Q&A
10:25 AM
Aithala S. P.* Hirschmann M. M.
Evaluating the Redox Evolution of Martian Magmas [#2367]
fO2 evolves / Rather rapidly on Mars / Check out my models!
10:35 AM
Liang Y.* Acquadro J. Boring B. Hooper N.
An Experimental Study of REE and HFSE Partitioning Between Pyroxene and Parental Melts of Martian Meteorites [#1183]
This study presents partition coefficients and partitioning models for REE and high-field strength elements in low-Ca pyroxene, high-Ca pyroxene, plagioclase, and olivine in systems of martian-relevant compositions.
10:45 AM
Hooper N.* Liang Y. Zhou D. Acquadro J. Allan E. Saper L. et al.
A New Generation of Al-in-Olivine Thermometers for Unraveling Thermal and Magmatic History of Martian Meteorites [#1507]
This study expands the calibration range of the Al-in-olivine thermometer to martian-relevant melt compositions. Given temperatures from the revised thermometer, we use Fe-Mg diffusion modeling to infer the thermal and magmatic history of LAR12095.
10:55 AM
Bellino L. G.* Sun C.
Magmatic Contribution of Surface Water to Ancient Mars [#2081]
Volcanism has been regarded as a negligible contributor of water on ancient Mars. We suggest that the contribution of H2O from magmatism, assessed through petrological modeling of C-H-O-S degassing, could have been greater than previously estimated.
11:05 AM
Panel Q&A
11:25 AM
Session Closure