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Poster Session: Special Session: Sample Science Facilities and Collections

Tuesday, March 12, 2024, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

Balta J. B.* Goodrich C. A. McCubbin F. M. Lunning N. G. Boyce J. W. Filiberto J.
XSpace: An LPI-ARES (JSC) Facility for Curation of Meteorites [#2029]
XSpace is a partnership between the LPI and ARES (JSC) for curation of non-Antarctic meteorites. We are available for curating astromaterials purchased or created through NASA projects, as required by OSDMP rules.
Delauche L.* Duprat J. Engrand C. Dartois E. Godard M. Fortuna F. et al.
The Concordia Micrometeorite Collection from Snow at Dome C, Antarctica: A Statistical Review [#1968]
We present statistical characteristics of the collection of micrometeorites collected from snow at the Concordia station (Dome C), Antarctica.
Duprat J.* Viennet J.-C. Roskosz M. Morand M. Boccato S. Amand L. et al.
The CNME Project, a National Curation Center for Extraterrestrial Samples in France [#1569]
We launched a project to build in a national center for extraterrestrial materials (CNME) at MNHN in Paris, France. It will gather collections of meteorites, micrometeorites, and samples allocated to France by present and future space missions.
Mayne R. G.* Huther J. Tyagi Y. Danysh B. Perkins R. O'Connor M. et al.
Improving Collection Management in the Monnig Meteorite Collection [#1524]
Monnig outdated / Code refines the database / Knowledge blooms anew.
Herd C. D. K.* Mallalieu K.
Stroud R. M.* Schrader D. L. Garvie L. A. J. Davidson J. Jurewicz A. J. G. Hines R.
The Carleton B. Moore Meteorite Collection at the Buseck Center for Meteorite Studies (BCMS), Arizona State University (ASU) [#2284]
The Buseck Center for Meteorite Studies (BCMS) at ASU curates the Carleton B. Moore Meteorite Collection. The BCMS mission is to advance meteoritics through a robust loan program, outreach, postdoctoral fellowships, and original research.
Lasue J.* Zolensky M. Määttänen A. Ravetta F.
A Doubling of Anthropogenic Solid Contaminants in the Stratosphere as Evidenced by NASA's Cosmic Dust Collection [#1768]
The NASA Cosmic dust catalogs cover 40 years of stratospheric particles collection. A recent doubling of the fraction of anthropogenic contaminant particles could be due to the overall human space activity and its recent increase.
Lepore K. H. Dyar M. D. Ytsma C. R.*
Application of Post-Processing Methods Used to Improve LIBS Calibration Datasets [#1084]
Existing data / Can build new calibrations / Try post-processing.
Edey D. R.* Hanna R. D. Ketcham R. A. Maisano J. A. Colbert M. W.
Planetary Science Enabling Facility: University of Texas High-Resolution X-Ray CT Facility (UTCT) [#1199]
We describe the instruments and services available at UTCT, a NASA Planetary Science Enabling Facility for 3D X-ray computed tomography.
Helbert J.* Bonato E. Greshake A. Maturilli A. Alemanno G. Van den Neucker A. et al.
The DLR Sample Analysis Laboratory — The Final Countdown [#1824]
SAL in Berlin / 2024 marks the spin / MMX prep begins.
Allton J. H.* Gonzalez C. P. Calva C. D. Allums K. K. Rodriguez M. C. Calaway M. J.
Genesis Solar Wind Sample Curation Facility [#1156]
Genesis solar wind curation facility, comprised of two ISO 4 cleanrooms, is enabled with ultrapure water for cleaning samples and sample characterization instruments: high resolution optical microscope, FT-IR and ellipsometry.
Hill P.* Morisset C.-E. Watkinson L. Haltigin T. Grenier R. Jarawan G.
Ongoing Activities and Preparation for the Canadian Bennu Sample Curation Facility [#1040]
The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is planning its Curation Facility for the Canadian portion of Bennu sample (OSIRIS-REx mission). An update on the ongoing work and planned activities is provided.
Elsila J. E.* Aponte J. C. Glavin D. P. Graham H. V. McLain H. L. Mojarro A. et al.
The Astrobiology Analytical Laboratory at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center: Analysis of Soluble Organic Compounds in Extraterrestrial Samples [#1482]
The Astrobiology Analytical Lab at NASA Goddard welcomes collaborations to use our expertise in the identification and quantitation of soluble organic compounds in extraterrestrial materials and terrestrial analogs.
Dukes C. A.* Woodson A. K. Johnson R. E. Terwisscha van Scheltinga J. Ihlefeld J. Reinke P. et al.
Ion Irradiation and Sample Analysis at UVa's KEVION Facility [#1729]
The KEVION ion irradiation facility for planetary science is designed to enable transformative research in studies of space weathering, radiolysis/radiosynthesis, sputtering, surface charge, instrument development, and sample characterization.
Zega T. J.* Barnes J. J. Haenecour P. Lauretta D. S. Bloch E. Chang Y. J. et al.
The Kuiper-Arizona Laboratory for Astromaterials Analysis (K-ALFAA) at the University of Arizona [#2328]
Here we describe the Kuiper-Arizona Laboratory for Astromaterials Analysis (K-ALFAA) at the University of Arizona (UA).
Ando J. K.* Li S.
A Low-Cost Precise 3D-Printed Spectrogoniometer for Studying Reflectance Photometry [#1599]
We describe the utility of a 3D printed stage for doing reflectance photometry, and provide an example measurement. Files for download and fabrication are provided via link.