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Special Session: To Bennu and Back 1

Tuesday, March 12, 2024, 2:15 PM
Waterway Ballroom 5

Sara Russell
Jose Aponte
Cody Schultz
2:15 PM
Session Introduction
2:20 PM
Connolly H. C.* McCoy T. J. Russell S. S. Lauretta D. S. OSIRIS-REx Sample Analysis Team 
Initial Analysis of the OSIRIS-REx Sample from Asteroid Bennu: An Overview of the Petrography and Petrology [#1281]
We present the first finding on the petrography and petrology of sample from asteroid Bennu delivered to Earth by the OSIRIS-REx mission.
2:30 PM
Zega T. J.* McCoy T. J. Keller L. P. Haenecour P. Thompson M. S. King A. J. et al.
A Quick-Look Analysis of Asteroid Bennu — Part 2 [#2348]
Here we describe the first measurements of material returned from asteroid Bennu.
2:40 PM
McCoy T. J.* Corrigan C. M. Eckley S. A. Jawin E. R. Connolly H. C. Lauretta D. S.
Breccias on Bennu: Petrologic Diversity from the Meter- to Micrometer-Scale [#1951]
Breccias on Bennu found / In rocks from large to small scales / They whisper their tales.
2:50 PM
Russell S. S.* King A. J. Connolly H. C. Salge T. Almeida N. Bates H. C. et al.
Anhydrous Silicates in Asteroid Bennu Samples: Evidence for Primordial Protoplanetary Disk Components [#1197]
Crystals in Bennu / That twinkle in the clays / Predate accretion.
3:00 PM
Panel Q&A
3:20 PM
Hamilton V. E.* Keller L. P. Haenecour P. Barnes J. J. Hill D. Connolly H. C. et al.
Mineralogy of Bennu from Spectral Analysis of the Sample Returned by OSIRIS-REx [#1366]
We confirm specifics of Bennu’s mineralogy generated from OSIRIS-REx observations. Phyllosilicate band positions and Mg-OH feature are consistent with Mg-rich compositions. Carbonate and magnetite are present, and anhydrous silicates are <<10 vol%.
3:30 PM
Nguyen A. N.* Clemett S. J. Thomas-Keprta K. Keller L. P. Glavin D. P. Dworkin J. P. et al.
Coordinated Analysis of Isotopically Anomalous Nanoglobules and Insoluble Organic Matter in Quick-Look Samples from Asteroid Bennu [#2500]
Nanoglobules and IOM in Bennu samples were characterized by UV fluorescence microscopy, SEM, and NanoSIMS. We found abundant fluorescent nanoglobules with H, C, and N isotopic anomalies indicative of presolar origins in the interstellar medium.
3:40 PM
Barnes J. J.* Haenecour P. Smith L. R. Ong I. J. Wilbur Z. E. Jourdan F. et al.
Coordinated Analysis of Phosphates in Samples from Asteroid (101955) Bennu [#1532]
Here we present the first mineralogical, chemical, and isotopic results of the analysis of phosphates in samples returned from Bennu by NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission.
3:50 PM
Koefoed P.* Wang K. Alexander C. M. O'D. Barrat J. A. Haenecour P. Barnes J. J. et al.
Bulk Major and Trace Elemental Composition of an Aggregate Sample from Asteroid Bennu [#2264]
Here, we analyzed the bulk major and trace elemental composition of aggregate material returned from asteroid Bennu.
4:00 PM
Panel Q&A
4:20 PM
Glavin D. P.* McLain H. L. Parker E. T. Dworkin J. P. Mojarro A. Aponte J. C. et al.
Extraterrestrial Amino Acids Identified in an Aggregate Sample Returned from Asteroid Bennu [#1640]
A suite of 27 protein and non-protein amino acids were identified and quantified in a water extract of an aggregate sample returned from asteroid Bennu. The amino acid distribution in the sample is distinct from Ryugu and carbonaceous chondrites.
4:30 PM
Ryan A. J.* Ballouz R.-L. Macke R. J. Connolly H. C. Lauretta D. S.
Physical and Thermal Properties of OSIRIS-REx Samples: Insight into the Evolution of Bennu and Its Regolith [#1594]
Thermophysical! / Big word, very small samples / Please wish us good luck.
4:40 PM
Thompson M. S.* Keller L. P. Thomas-Keprta K. Le L. Rahman Z. Seifert L. B. et al.
Identifying Solar Wind and Other Volatiles in Space-Weathered Samples from Asteroid Bennu [#1225]
We identify microstructural and chemical evidence for solar wind space weathering in samples from asteroid Bennu returned by OSIRIS-REx.
4:50 PM
Keller L. P.* Thompson M. S. Thomas-Keprta K. Le L. Rahman Z. Seifert L. B. et al.
Space Weathering in OSIRIS-REx Samples from Bennu: Impact Melt Deposits [#1399]
We analyzed the chemistry and microstructure of impact melt deposits on the surfaces of regolith grains from Bennu.
5:00 PM
Panel Q&A
5:20 PM
Session Closure