Special Sessions

This year’s conference will feature the following special sessions.

Exploring the Moon 1

This session will showcase data from the first year of observations of the Korean Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter and the Chandrayaan-3 lander and rover. It will also provide an overview of the planning and operational testing being conducted to maximize the surface science return from the first Artemis landed mission.

Icy Moon Science

The prospects for future missions to the systems of Uranus and Neptune in the coming decades are spurring renewed interest in the analysis of the Voyager observations and forward models predicting new observations. These new studies build on advances in our knowledge of the exchange of material and energy across giant planet systems based on observations by the Galileo and Cassini-Huygens missions, as well as recent developments in simulating early solar system dynamical evolution. This session welcomes talks from all fields addressing the state of the art, open questions, and research in icy moon science including experimental work, groundbased observations, dynamical modeling, and geophysical evolution.

Mars Sample Return Campaign Science 1

Mars Sample Return reflects an ambitious phase in the exploration of Mars that draws broad interest across the science community, including in situ, orbital, field, and laboratory studies in astrobiology, geology, climate, and robotic and human exploration. The session will serve as an inclusive platform for communications for MSR-related activities, including the explored regions of Jezero Crater and anticipated future discoveries in the rim and Nili Planum regions, relevant analog and meteorite studies, and potential Mars sample handling and measurement plans. This session will draw a diverse audience working to constrain Mars' past habitable environments and global planetary features, in addition to efforts to fill in the considerable gap in our sample record of terrestrial planet evolution.

To Bennu and Back 1

This session will feature the early science results from the analysis of the pristine samples for asteroid Bennu by the OSIRIS-REx sample science team. This multidisciplinary session will feature science talks discussing the petrologic, mineralogic, geochemical, and spectroscopic studies of the sample. The presentations will focus on data used to test a number of key hypotheses that provide constraints on topics ranging from the relationship between remote sensing observations of Bennu and sample analysis to that of the origin and evolution of asteroid Bennu from its parent body to the present day.

Sample Science Facilities and Collections

This session invites members of the sample science community to present posters on extraterrestrial material collections and laboratory facilities used to analyze returned and collected extraterrestrial samples. The focus is to exchange curation ideas, showcase the variety of facilities used by the analysis and curation communities, and help the community with sample and laboratory access. This is a poster-only session and is limited to those collections that offer scientific loans and facilities that accept new scientific collaborations or external users.


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