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Poster Session: Sedimentary Analogues: Sediments, Transport, and Structures

Thursday, March 16, 2023, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

Williams D. A.* Smith J. K. Cummings H. V. Banfield D.
NASA Planetary Aeolian Laboratory: Current Status and Future Plans [#1152]
This presentation discusses the current status and future plans for NASA’s Planetary Aeolian Laboratory, located at Ames Research Center, and its wind tunnels.
Bretzfelder J. M.* Day M.
Wind Tunnel Analog for Aeolian Sediment Transport Under Planetary Conditions [#2881]
Wind tunnel study / Analog materials / 3D printed grains!
Mason K.* Ewing R. C. Bullard J. W. Eckley S. A.
Using X-Ray Micro-Computed Tomography to Examine Variations in Shape of Basaltic and Quartzofeldspathic Aeolian and Fluvial Sediments [#2729]
We explore the use of 3D analysis from µXCT data in assessing the environmental history of particles of different mineralogies, shaped by different processes.
Thorpe M. T. Rampe E. B. Tamborski J. J. Siebach K. L.* Putnam A. et al.
Sedimentation and Diagenesis in the Basaltic Terrains of Iceland, an Update from the DIGMARS Team [#2512]
The DIGMARS project sets to characterize the compositional changes induced by early diagenesis in lake sediments from the basalt dominated terrains of Iceland.
Rudolph A.* Horgan B. Sinha P. Ewing R. Rampe E. et al.
Fate of Glaciovolcanic Sediments Transported by Fluvial and Aeolian Processes in a Cold Climate Mars-Analog Environment [#2227]
VNIR and TIR spectral analyses of glaciovolcanic sediments in Mars analog sites in Iceland show glass transport is dependent on physical properties at source.
Bourikas T. M.* Rudolph A. Horgan B. Sinha P. Ewing R. et al.
Examining the Transport of Volcanic Sediment from Vatnajökull Using Decorrelation Stretches (DCS) [#2195]
Decorrelation stretch images show pyroxene abundance in sediment increases with distance from its source in transport systems in Mars analog sites in Iceland.
Rogers E. R.* Palucis M. C. Morgan A. M. Craddock R. A. Benyshek E. et al.
Reconstructing Basaltic Sediment Transport on Mars Using Terrestrial Analogs [#1200]
Our goal is to determine how basaltic particles breakdown during sustained fluvial transport to better understand the provenance of sedimentary deposits on Mars.
McHenry L. J.* Kodikara G. R. L. Hynek B. M. Njau J. K.
Source to Sink Mineral Analysis of an East African Rift Drainage: Analog for Mars [#1124]
Basalt and Mg/Fe phyllosilicate dominated catchment source materials not reflected in channel and delta sediments in East African analog for Jezero crater delta.
Banham S. G.* Carling P. A. Favaro E. A. Balme M. R.
Favaro E. A.* Balme M. R. Ladegaard A. Gunn M. Jackson D. W. T. et al.
Prelininary Results from a Comparison Between the ExoMars PanCam Emulator and Terrestrial Laser Scans of Icelandic Megaripples [#2204]
We develop imaging and data processing techniques to test the operating parameters of ExoMars’ PanCam camera in terrestrial settings using a physical emulator.
Berger L. M.* Ewing R. C. Lapôtre M. G. A. Hasson M.
Coarse-Grained Ripple Patterns at the Algodones Dunes Field, California [#2801]
Drone imagery of / Coarse-grained ripple patterns at / Algodones Dunes.
Stacey K.* Cardenas B. T.
Planform Architecture of Fluvial Cross Strata Within the Cedar Mountain Formation, Utah with Applications to Mars [#1361]
Cross sets from above / Widening our perspective / Answers in the dunes.