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Poster Session: Spectroscopy and Other Measurements of Analogue Materials

Thursday, March 16, 2023, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

Meyer M. J.* Milliken R. E. Robertson K. M. Ozdowski N. M.
Petrographic and Mineralogic Ground-Truth for Airborne-Based Hyperspectral Maps of Sedimentary Rocks: A Case Study in the Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico and Implications for Mars [#1383]
We ground-truth spectral maps with mineralogic/petrographic analyses of over 50 samples to demonstrate agreement between spectral and traditional geologic maps.
Angell P.* Werner H.
The Effect of Reference Mineral Library Selection on Estimating Mineral Abundances from Infrared Emission Spectra Using Spectral Mixture Analysis [#1908]
Spectral mixture analysis is a versatile tool for estimating mineral composition of rocks from infrared emission spectra in the lab and from remote sensing data.
Lapo K. E.* Rice M. S. Eng A. M. Curtis S. A.
VNIR Spectral Masking Effects of Hematite on Mafic Mars Analogs [#1746]
Hematite, a pinch / Masks mafic lithologies / In Vis-NIR spectra.
Sheevam P.* Calvin W. M.
Mineralogy of Altered Basalts Using Infrared Spectroscopy at Varying Spatial Scales [#1201]
This work is a continuation of research into two basaltic cores from Hawaii as analogs to alteration processes on Mars using high-resolution spectroscopy.
Gabbert M. D. V.* Rice M. S. Kraft M. D. Lapo K. E.
Visible to Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and Photometry of Synthetic Coatings on Ultramafic Rocks with Applications for Mars [#2390]
We create nanohematite and silica rock coatings on Mars analog rocks of varying surface roughness to study the influence of coatings on VNIR spectra.
Theuer S. A.* Rice M. S. Lapo K. Kraft M. D. Cloutis E. A. et al.
Spectral and Photometric Behavior of Analog Coated Hawaiian Basalt and Applications to Surface Spectra of Mars [#1837]
Mars analog basalts with thin Si and Fe/Ti coatings show significant photometric behavior and spectral masking of underlying lithologies.
Wolf Z. U.* Turenne N. N. Cloutis E. A. Applin D. M. Mann P. et al.
Spectral Reflectance Properties of Mars-Relevant Minerals Subjected to Heating in a Low-Pressure CO2-Enriched Environment [#1206]
A suite of mineral samples was baked in a CO2-enriched environment and analyzed using reflectance spectroscopy to determine spectral changes with heating.
Turenne N. N.* Cloutis E. A. Applin D. M. Wolf Z. U. Power I.
Mg-Rich Carbonate Microbialites from Several Analogue Sites Exposed to Mars-Like Surface Conditions with Relevance to Jezero Crater, Mars [#1614]
Terrestrial magnesium-rich microbialite samples have been exposed to Mars-like conditions over a period of 42 days to determine the spectral changes.
Royer C.* Bernard S. Beyssac O. Balan E. Forni O. et al.
Spectral Properties of Minerals Irradiated by UV: Implications for In-Situ Mars Exploration [#1375]
We present the results of UV irradiation on various minerals and its effects on their Raman and IR spectra.
Sarkar S.* Moitra H. Bhattacharya S. Ray D. Dagar A. et al.
Constraining Spectral Signature of Puga Hot Spring Deposit [#1464]
Strengths and weaknesses of the VNIR and XRD techniques are described using samples from an astrobiological analog of Mars.
Blaske C. H.* Greenberger R. N. Ehlmann B. L. Ellison E. T. Templeton A. S. et al.
Building a Spectral Library of Iron-Bearing Brucites [#2342]
Brucites bear iron / Features change with chemistry / Support Mars microbes?
Haupt C. P.* Renggli C. J. Stojic A. N. Morlok A. Klemme S. et al.
Martin A. C.* Emery J. P. Loeffler M. Donaldson Hanna K. L.
Mid-Infrared Reflectance and Emissivity Spectra of High Porosity Regoliths [#2042]
Emissivity spectra, reflectance spectra; what are the seen differences?
Martin A. C.* Emery J. P. Loeffler M.
Spectral Effects of Regolith Porosity in the Mid-Infrared — Pyroxene [#2038]
Regoliths can be fluffy. How do we figure? Mid-infrared spectral clues.
Slumba K.* Britt D. T. Donaldson Hanna K. L. Beck P. Poch O.
Jupiter Trojan Asteroid Simulant MIR Spectrum [#2923]
Trojan simulant (olivine, FeS, coal) MIR spectra at particle size D < 25 µm shows stronger absorption in the 10-µm region than D < 100 µm.
Applin D. M.* Izawa M. R. M. Cloutis E. A.
Detection Limits of Some Carboxylates by X-ray Diffraction and Reflectance Spectroscopy [#2518]
We quantitatively determine the limits of detection of carbonates, oxalates, acetates, and formates in palagonite by X-ray diffraction and reflectance spectroscopy.
Yang S. H.* Zhou Q. Zhang G. L. Liu B. Liu D. W. et al.
The Studies of Cathodoluminescence Images and Spectra of Monazite: Potential Application in Lunar Samples [#1476]
The SEM-CL can reveal the internal structure and REE composition of lunar monazite, providing important genetic information.