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Poster Session: Differentiated Meteorites and Planetary Differentiation

Thursday, March 16, 2023, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

Burbine T. H.* Greenwood R. C. Zhang B. Buchanan P. C.
How Many Vesta-Like Bodies Existed in the Asteroid Belt? [#2347]
We estimate how many distinct Vesta-like bodies existed in the asteroid belt using astronomical, isotopic, and iron meteorite evidence.
Louwerse L.* McCausland P. J. A. Flemming R. L.
Shock and Regolith Features in Northwest Africa 15199 [#2539]
We classified the howardite Northwest Africa 15199 and investigated temperatures and instantaneous shock features recorded in the meteorite.
Saini R.* Herd C. D. K.
Petrography and Shock Metamorphism of Howardite Sariçiçek [#2266]
Shock effects in diverse clasts in Howardite Sariçiçek are characterized and suggest that the investigated clasts have distinct shock histories.
Nie C.* Kang J. T. Jiang Y. Huang F. Hsu W. B.
The Effect of Terrestrial Weathering on Stable Strontium (SR) and Barium (BA) Isotopic Composition of Achondrites [#1347]
The effect of terrestrial weathering on stable strontium and barium isotopic compositions of achondrites.
Carpenter P. K.* Irving A. J. Sonzogni C. Gattacceca J.
Anorthite-Rich Achondrite Wan Zawatin 001: Expanding the Range of Diogenitic Cumulate Rocks Beyond Noritic and Towards the Field for Anorthosites [#2278]
The recovery of a plagioclase-rich achondrite bolsters the analogy between diogenites and cumulate rocks in terrestrial layered mafic intrusions.
Rider-Stokes B. G.* Pittarello L. White L. F. Anand M. Degli-Alessandrini G. et al.
Chronological Anchor(s) Aweigh: Possible Evidence of Thermal Processing of D'Orbigny Angrite Suggests Caution With Isochron Construction [#1610]
Textural and chemical investigations of the chronologically important angrite, D’Orbigny. Implications for chronological anchoring.
Irving A. J.* Carpenter P. K. Ziegler K.
Keeping Up with the Diversity of Angrites: Northwest Africa 15317, Northwest Africa 15507 and Oued Namous 001 [#2243]
Three new texturally-different angrite meteorites bring the total number of unpaired examples to 25.
Liu H. C.* Zhang X. R. He W. Z. Liao S. Y. Hsu W. B. et al.
Wulong: A New Main Group Pallasite [#1235]
In terms of its olivine chemistry, iron metal chemistry and oxygen isotope ratios of its olivine, Wulong should be a new member of main-group pallasites.
Boesenberg J. S.* Humanyun M. Irving A. J. Ibarra D. E.
New Pyroxene Pallasites: Bordji Badji Mokhtar 001 and Gyarub Zangbo, and a Plethora of Pallasite Parent Bodies [#2392]
Bordj Badji Mokhtar 001 and Gyarub Zangbo are new pyroxene pallasites. There are now 12 pallasite parent bodies. They likely had similar formation histories.
Ma C.* Herd C. D. K. Locock A. J.
Nanomineralogy of the El Ali Meteorite: Discovery of Olsenite, KFe4(PO4)3, the Third New Mineral from this IAB Iron [#1883]
Nanomineralogy / El Ali iron meteorite / Discovery of new minerals / Olsenite — the third new mineral revealed.
Kirby R. S.* King P. L. Nguyen F.
Chiappe E. M.* Ash R. D. Walker R. J.
New Insights into the Genetics, Age, and Chemical Composition of the Group IIIE Iron Meteorite Parent Body [#2233]
We report siderophile element concentrations, genetic isotope compositions, and Hf-W ages for the group IIIE iron meteorites.
Moore G.* McCubbin F. M. Iacovino K. Prissel K. Marrs I. et al.
New Experiments and Modeling of Silicon Partitioning Between Iron-rich Metal and Silicate Melt [#2173]
Lasered silicon / Partitions into iron / At high T low P.
Fei Y.* Prissel K. Wang L. Mouser M.
Investigating Percolative Properties of Complex Metallic Liquid in a Mantle Silicate Matrix Using a Platinum Tracer [#2142]
We examine Fe-Ni-Si-S-C-O liquid percolation in a peridotitic mantle, tracking melt network and determining the minimum percolation threshold using a Pt tracer.