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Poster Session: Small Bodies: Remote Observations — Bennu, Ryugu

Thursday, March 16, 2023, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

Rossmann F. M.* Johnson C. L. Bierhaus E. B. Barnouin O. S.
Meter-Scale Topographic Roughness of Asteroid (101955) Bennu from the OSIRIS-REx Laser Altimeter [#2626]
Meter-scale roughness of asteroid Bennu from OLA in relation to surface distributions of boulders, impact craters, and other large-scale global structures.
Richards L.* Nolan M. C. Osinski G. R. Frost E. Dickinson C. S. et al.
Albedo-Based Textural Analysis for Mapping Water-Rich Lithologies on Asteroid Bennu [#1848]
We explore a new / Method for mapping boulders / On Bennu’s surface.
Elder C. M.*
Boulders on Bennu: Investigating the Structure of Low Thermal Inertia Rock Using Thermal Modeling [#2639]
Boulders on Bennu / 50% void space? Or / Just a small fracture?
Tang Y.* Lauretta D. S. Ballouz R.-L. DellaGiustina D. N. Bennett C. A. et al.
Mass Movement and Preferential Boulder Orientations at the Sandpiper Site on Asteroid Bennu [#1758]
We surveyed a mass movement site at the Sandpiper site in Bralgah crater on Bennu, and compared results to simulations examining mechanisms of such an event.
Kikuchi H.* Yamamoto M. Yokota Y. Otake H. Honda R. et al.
JAXA Asteroid Data Explorer (JADE) for Accessing and Retrieving Hayabusa2 ONC Image Data: 2023 Update [#2001]
JAXA Asteroid Data Explorer (JADE) is a developing open web system for accessing and retrieving Hayabusa2 image data and is updated.
Seki S.* Kouyama T. Fu X. Shen W. Yoshikawa I.
Automatic Detection of Boulders and Measuring Their Size and Shape Distributions on Ryugu [#1888]
We adopt a deep learning method, the Instance Segmentation, to automate detection and measurement of boulders on asteroid Ryugu.