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Poster Session: Small Bodies: Fireballs, Bolides, and Strewn Fields

Thursday, March 16, 2023, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

Hamama I. Sansom E. K.* Vida D. Devillepoix H. A. R. Yamamoto M.-Y. et al.
Listening for Fireballs: A Trial of Seismo-Acoustic and Optical Observations of Meteors Over Perth, Australia [#2181]
A dedicated infrasound array was deployed in West Australia, aimed at correlating nearfield fireball signals with triangulated events from optical observations.
Fries M. D.*
The Jormungandr Dark Flight Model for Meteorite and De-Orbited Space Debris Recovery [#2527]
See that meteor? / Want to find meteorites? / You’ll need a model.
Hegedüs T. Gucsik A.* Jäger Z. Bejó M. Lang Á. et al.
A Way to Understand Strewnfields — Testing Model Calculations by Artificial Meteoroids Experiment [#1305]
Artificial meteoroid dark flight experiment is in progress. The bodies have internal telemetry and radio. They will be thrown out of a balloon’s gondola at >30 km.